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NSFW: ISIS Libya executes three, whips three for drinking, blasphemy

ISIS Libya executes three
ISIS Libya executes three
ISIS executions go on unrelenting in a propaganda war…latest executions in Sirte, Libya.

Islamic terrorist group, ISIS have once again released another video of mayhem violence, in which this time in the Libyan town of Sirte three to four men were whipped mercilessly while three other men were publicly executed at point blank range with shotguns to the back of the head.

The punishments in front of baying crowds come after the accused were ‘caught’ either committing banditry, blasphemy and or apostasy, which led the men being executed, whilst individuals observed drinking alcohol were flogged.

The images tells a report via the dailymail were published on an ‘anonymous content’ sharing site in which a series of seven images were released, each with its own caption describing why each man was being punished, including one caption which read, this man was ‘executed for banditry.’

According to the ‘report’, the other men were executed for converting from Islam, for cursing god and for belonging to a militia loyal to Khalifa Haftar, the UN-backed government general deeply hostile to Islamist forces – both the self-appointed government in Tripoli and ISIS.

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In the seven photos that follow, each is captioned with the sin the men are accused of committing and their punishment.

A crowd of masked men stand to watch as the punishments are carried out – a mixture of executions and whipping.

One photo shows a group of four of the accused on their knees in front of a crowd of masked men, as their ‘sentence’ is read out – the caption declares flogging is the punishment for drinking wine.

ISIS reportedly has 3,000 fighters in Sirte and has imposed the strict rules familiar with residents in their defacto capital in Raqqa, Syria.

Beheadings and crucifixions plague the town, which has been deserted by citizens by the thousands.

ISIS Libya executes three

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ISIS Libya executes three

ISIS Libya executes three

ISIS Libya executes three