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Why the Media is avoiding Cologne sex crimes coverage

Cologne sex crimes
Cologne sex crimes
Why have authorities and the mainstream press sought to avoid addressing the Muslim sex attacks at Cologne on new year’s eve.

How has the instance of Cologne sex crimes over new year’s eve forced Angela Merkel’s hand along with a compliant main stream media? 

In the days after news of a crowd of up to 1000 Muslim migrants sexually assaulting as many 60 to 80 females at Cologne’s main Central station, questions have been raised as to why authorities and the media waited no less than 3 days to even acknowledge that such events had taken place?

News of the shocking events only ended up being reported after an avalanche of social media posts forced the ‘mainstream’ media hand along with government agencies to address the problem who rightly sensed broaching the issue would once again inflame calls to cease an open door policy towards immigration and migrants- a mainstay battle cry for those on the right who continue to seek to take advantage of the violence for their agenda.

What now? Cologne rocked by 60 new years eve sex crimes at hands of 1000 migrants

The new year’s eve events has led to the conundrum of whether to look the other way (and hence bring less light to the vexing problem of a lack of cultural assimilation and the sexual objectification of German women) or to risk acknowledging the new years eve incident, and invite scorn more on policy makers along with the mainstream press who have championed such policies.

Reflected a thoughtful article via Germany’s local Tuesday: In the last few months, it has seemed that the authorities and the national media would rather sacrifice transparency for the sake of stability.

It was days before police gave full descriptions of the offenders in Cologne, despite a call for eyewitnesses. The national media also ignored the story until a wave of anger on social media made covering it unavoidable.

Of conjecture is whether the slew of crimes on Friday evening where no more or less in proportion to crimes committed by other segments of the population, a perception heavily skewed by a ready right wing press more than willing to call attention to the transgressions of inebriated young Muslim men amidst claims that the influx of new immigrants has led to a disproportionate amount of crimes at their hands.

Reports Germany’s local: Official figures suggest that refugees are no more likely to commit sexual crimes than other sections of the population.

Nevertheless regional media outlets have begun pointing out what they perceive to be the mainstream media and authorities reticence in reporting crimes at the hands of Muslim immigrants for fear of being forced to back down on further calls for open door immigration.

Notes local.de: In the autumn police unions and women’s right groups both accused the authorities of playing down or even hiding cases of rape at refugee shelters.

“There is a lot of glossing over going on. But this doesn’t represent reality,” police union chief Rainer Wendt said at the time.

Cologne sex crimes
What repercussions now after news of Cologne new years eve sex crime assaults at the hands of 1000 migrants?

The slew of crimes has also led to right wing quotients pointing out that the mainstream media has purposefully chosen to sit on the sidelines, with mainstream media outlets fearing appearing racist whilst at the same time all too cognizant of potentially stirring up criticisms that latent racism still exists within Germany. Along with the view that the mainstream media may have been muzzled by authorities and elite interests (who one supposes are in favor of using cheaper immigration labor) in downplaying the latest fracas.

Matters that the right wing media both in Germany and the US have now begun picking up in a bid to push their assertions that open policy attitude towards immigration is reckless and ought to be drastically curtailed.

Offers local.de: Right-wing blogs are savvy enough to pick up on the discrepancies. When the national media don’t cover an issue which clearly troubles a great many people it feeds the perception spread by the far-right that they are the Lügenpresse (lying media).

A rational concern or just convenient fear mongering and scapegoating of what really ails society, decreasing social and economic mobility- at the hands of the uber rich/ and their predominantly right wing ‘ideological’ oligarch supporters….?

And then there was this comment on the web that caused me to wince. See what you think?

IS covering the goatfkrs against possible reaction of the native germans…and concerning the fact this information is blocked and no existing in the liemedia worldwide that is the true perspective of what is going on. The police IS protecting the goatfckrs (what I saw once in Dresden) because the goverment’s plan is to facilitate the takover of the country by those neandertals simply because the native europeans via internet etc started to see the global plot of social manipulation. The same applies for GB, France and Belgum, Sweden and Norway. The elites need those primitives to bring chaos, to bring all of us to the middle age, to manipulate millions (of them and us by the force of the neadertals) by only few ajatollahs etc. which might be more efficient and saves the elites unseen behind the curtain for next 1000 years. Matrix reactivation. Cheers.

Cologne sex crimes