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Brownsville girl gang raped, dad too drunk to call cops

Brownsville gang rape victim
How did one Brownsville teen girl come to be gang raped and why was there no help forthcoming?
Brownsville teen girl gang raped
How did one Brownsville teen girl come to be gang raped and why was there no help forthcoming?

Brownsville teen girl gang raped: Have cops dragged their heels in their investigation and why did it take so long before help finally arrived?

In new revelations concerning the gang rape of an 18 year old Brooklyn teen at the hands of 4-5 teen assailants at Osborn Playground in Brownsville, reports tell of the unnamed girl’s father being ‘too drunk’ to get help for his daughter.

Having witnessed his daughter being preyed upon on the evening of January 7th, the 39 year old man ran into one nearby deli, Zaida Deli and Grocery where he attempted to get help for his daughter. Except the father was so trashed neither one of two workers could make out what the father was trying to say,

Told one worker, Nelson Gomez via the nypost: He was swaying side to side. He asked me, ‘Lend me your phone.’ I said no,’’

Added a second employee, Felix Santos via dna: ‘He didn’t tell me it was an emergency or ‘I need to call the police’ or of course I would’ve given it to him or just called the police for him.’

From there the father attempted to walk into another nearby deli, again with little luck.

Told another worker, ‘I could just tell [he was wasted] by the way he was acting.’

Brownsville gang rape victim was having sex with dad prior to attack

Since news of the heinous crime four suspects have been taken into custody where they remain whilst being questioned by Brooklyn’s Special Victim’s Unit. To date no charges have been pressed.

The ages of suspects, told cops include two youths aged 14, with one aged 15, and another aged 17. A fifth teen suspect has yet to be discovered whilst cops continue to look for the alleged gun used during the assault. Ironically the teens were also earlier observed entering the same bodega deli before the alleged rape that the father would ‘try’ to get help from.

Two of the teens were brought in by their mothers Sunday night, the third was picked up at an undisclosed location, and the fourth turned himself in told sources.

Since been brought in, two of teens accused of attacking the girl in the playground have admitted to being at the scene and even having sex with her, yet insist it was consensual. A third suspect said he left the playground before the assault, while the fourth teen is refusing to talk.

Retorted Police Commissioner Bill Bratton: ‘At this juncture, we have no doubt she was raped’.

While the suspects have yet to be charged, a police source told, based on all the information that is supplied now, it’s very likely that they will charged. We just have to determine on what the nature of the charges will be,’

Adding: She has cuts and bruises consistent with being physically attacked,’

The alleged attack is said to have happened after the Brooklyn teen girl and her father bought 22- ounce cans of beer at a bodega before video caught them entering the park just before 9pm.

The victim told cops that she and her father who she only recently reconnected with after being adopted were drinking near the handball courts ‘to be away from the police’.

Yet things went awry after the teens, including one with a gun allegedly confronted them and ordered the father to leave.

Yet here’s where things don’t quite mesh.

Surveillance video shows the victim’s father walking inside a nearby deli where he proceeds before to chat with two men. During this time, the father does not appear to be frantic or in distress.

After walking out of the store, the dad drunkenly ran past a marked police car before eventually circling back and alerting the cops to his daughter’s attack. By then up to 20 minutes had already elapsed since he was asked to leave.

In the interim, the attack has led to much scorn directed at police, after cops took two days to inform the public of the attack, with many criticizing that cops failure to tell the community jeopardized them of possible attacks.

To date, not much is known about the victim. She lived outside of New York state until about 18 months ago, police sources said. Community activist Tony Herbert said she may be destitute. In the interim, police await the results of an impending rape kit.