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Did Rev. Peter Miqueli steal $1m to fund male sex master boyfriend?

Rev. Peter Miqueli
Rev. Peter Miqueli
Did Rev. Peter Miqueli (pictured) misappropriate up to $1 million in church funds for his hedonistic lifestyle?

Reverend Peter Miqueli, a Bronx, NY priest has been named in a lawsuit alleging the Catholic priest of stealing up to one million dollars from two parishes along with paying for ‘drug fueled bondage sessions‘ with his male sex master muscle bound boyfriend.

The suit reports the nypost tells of the 53 year old Pastor Miqueli paying $1,000 a session with a musclebound ‘master‘ named Keith Crist, who allegedly made him drink his urine.

The suit names Father Miqueli, Crist, Cardinal Timothy Dolan and the Archdiocese of New York as defendants.

According to the suit, Miqueli is alleged to have swiped ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars‘ in donations from St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church on Roosevelt Island and St. Frances De Chantal Church in the Bronx since 2003. Both parishioners want Miqueli removed permanently as pastor of St. Francis de Chantal.

The suit seeks an end to the ‘truly sinful conduct’ which includes the claim that the priest paid Crist $1,000 a session ‘to act out his sexual fantasies’ by role-paying where Crist was the ‘master or dominant in a BDSM relationship.’ Father Miqueli played ‘the slave,’ suit says.

Some of the sessions according to the suit allege the following ‘interesting’ fun episodes:

‘At the behest of Father Migueli, Keith Crist would force Father Miqueli to drink Keith Crist’s urine.’

The suit also alleges Miqueli paying a doctor $60,000 in 2012 alone for ‘illicit and prescription drugs’ he used with Crist.

Rev. Peter Miqueli Keith Crist
Pictured Keith Crist.

According to a report via the nydailynews, neighbors in Jersey told of a steady stream of male visitors at the Brick home, where a new BMW allegedly belonging to Crist sat in the driveway. Miqueli affirm neighbors also installed a heavily-trafficked hot tub in the backyard.

Crist’s on-and-off girlfriend — who says former bodybuilder/escort Crist injured his knees in a bathtub sex romp with the priest — alerted church officials earlier this year to the couple’s unholy rolls in the hay.

Two parishioners, Mary Fitzgerald and Carol Kennedy, provided sworn statements saying Miqueli ‘diverted funds in an account designated for a pipe organ.’

Instead Miqueli is alleged to have used the funds and other donations to buy a $264,000 home in Brick, N.J., and pay $1,075.50 a month for Crist’s East Harlem apartment.

When asked what happened to all the $20s from collection plates Miqueli claimed he was taking the bills for a ‘reserve fund’ even though there’s no proof that such an account exists, the suit claims.

Asked why the the archdiocese keeps the priest on as pastor at another parish while dismissing allegations and calls to remove him from office, the church to date continues to let the priest remain in service, a course of action that has served to irritate many.

But it gets better. Time to hop on a plane to Italy kids.

The pastor is also alleged to have spent ‘large sums of money on lavish amenities’ while vacationing in Italy and Florida even though he only earns $31,000 a year from the church.

Told a church spokesman in response to the suit: ‘The Archdiocese has, from the beginning, taken these allegations seriously, and has been investigating them, including conducting a forensic audit of the parish, which is still on-going.

‘To date we have found nothing to substantiate the allegations that have been raised. If anyone has information or documentation to substantiate the allegations, we would invite them to bring that information forward, or to contact the district attorney.’

To date both Miqueli and his purported muscle bound lover have declined to respond to media overtures. Can you guess why?

Rev. Peter Miqueli