Home Scandal and Gossip NSFW: ISIS execute 200 Syrian children in mass execution

NSFW: ISIS execute 200 Syrian children in mass execution

ISIS execute 200 Syrian children in mass execution
What prompted the mass execution of 200 Syrian children?

ISIS have released a new video (see below) showing the mass execution of 200 Syrian children in the latest public relations stunt in a bid to install fear and allegiance to their extremist cause.

Forced to lie side by side with their faces in the dirt, the sickening video shows 200 young Syrian children stretched out from left to right as they prepare to be gunned down.

Behind them, at least a dozen gunmen armed with assault rifles and handguns stand poised and ready to fire.

One militant then begins firing at point blank range – shooting each child individually as he makes along the row of children.

Others beside him also open fire, mostly using their machine guns, and the area is filled with dust, obscuring much of the bloodshed. 

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The video according to a report via the dailymail is believed to have been filmed somewhere inside Syria, where ISIS control a large area of territory, including Raqqa, the capital of the terrorists’ self-proclaimed caliphate.

While ISIS is notorious for mass executions, there have been few instances of the targeting of children in executions exclusively until now.

Since the release of the graphic 30 second video, questions have been raised as to why and how the children came to be executed and what they were necessarily accused of.

ISIS is known to have executed children previously. In one instance, 1,700 Iraqi military cadets were slaughtered in a mass killing that lasted an entire day and night.

In addition to the mass killings, ISIS have also attempted to invent new ways in which to murder people.

Sample public executions include beheadings, dismemberment, and throwing people from tall buildings.

Reaction to the video has been fierce, with many condemning the latest show of violence.

Told one user on the web: ‘God burn Daash (an insulting Arabic term for ISIS) and their supporters.’

Another added: ‘Lack of ethics and humanity, under the guise of religion.’

The release of the latest video has once again sparked outcry as to why Western forces continue to sit on the sidelines as the Islamic extremist group continue to unleash their brazen methods as they seek to control various areas in a disjointed and fragmented area that continues to destabilize since Saddam Hussein was first overthrown in Iraq, with tension boiling across the nearby region of Syria, Yemen and Kurdish districts.

ISIS execute 200 Syrian children in mass execution

ISIS execute 200 Syrian children in mass execution

ISIS execute 200 Syrian children in mass execution

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