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Child molester Darren Paden hailed a hero by Missouri town, victim- scum.

Child molester Darren Paden
How did Child molester Darren Paden (pictured) come to be a hero?

Defying convention and rational understanding is the story of convicted child molester, Darren L. Paden, 52, who has found himself being rallied by a small Missouri town despite confessing to 200-300 instances of sexual abuse of a now 18 year old woman over the course of a decade. Abuse that first began when the girl was only five years old.

Despite being sentenced to a whopping fifty years in prison, residents of one small town Dearborn, Missouri remain unfazed as they have stood behind their ‘hero’, while perversely shunning Paden’s victim, Shelby. Who just happens to be his adopted daughter to boot.

Could it be any more lopsided?

Told Platte County Prosecuting Attorney Eric Zahnd via the Kansas City Star“There are certainly a few good people in this community who have offered support to this young victim,’

‘It is shocking, however, that many continue to support a defendant whose guilt was never in doubt. If it takes a village to raise a child, what is a child to do when the village turns its back and supports a confessed child molester?’

Added the victim, ’I know there are a lot of people who support me,’ while also adding that there are also ‘people who refuse to believe me’.

In fact so bad have things have become the unnamed 18 year old woman recently came to experience bouts of hostility when she tried renting a house in town.

Told the victim: ‘I called a lady about a house she was renting and I told her my name, and she said, ‘What’s your name again?’ and I told her and she said ‘I don’t want to rent to you’ and then hung up on me.’


Highlighting the extent of the town’s high regard for the pedophile, and their fears one young woman has forever ruined a prominent community member’s life, supporters went so far to send letters of support in a bid to persuade the judge to spare Paden jail.

In their letters, supporters cited the well being of Paden’s wife and children, his charity work helping in foreign hospitals along with his role as a junior deacon in the local church.

That’s right kids. A purveyor of the church got himself locked up for 50 years on child molestation charges. But then again, perhaps perversely the church is where you sometimes expect to find the creeps of society lurking. Call it cognitive dissonance. Or to be blunt the distinct contradiction of the thing one eschews within themselves, the ying and yang of life.

That though didn’t stop, lo and behold a high ranking member of the church who wrote in to declare ‘only God, Darren, and the victim know what happened.’

Denial of the highest form or just an institution looking to grandstand humanity and the value of a young woman’s life?

Even Dixie Wilson, Darren’s great aunt, told local news she didn’t believe her nephew was a pedophile, but did concede at the very least to being ‘sorry for the girl if it happened’.

If it happened? If Darren Paden confessed. Which he bloody well did.

Adding a spanner to the woodworks is news that Darren’s son, Anthony, has also been charged with sodomizing the girl and now awaits trial.

Time will see if Darren too will garner the town’s ardent support, cause deep down we should just it admit all aloud, most women are skanks and are simply asking for it anyway. Right?  

Child molester Darren Paden