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Sasha Samsudean murder: Security guard arrested after stalking, raping and choking resident

Stephen Michael Duxbury
What led to sole residential security guard, Stephen Michael Duxbury preying on apartment resident, Sasha Samsudean?

Stephen Michael Duxbury, 33 an apartment complex security guard has been arrested in connection to the death of Orlando, Florida woman Sasha Samsudean who was found murdered earlier this month under ‘suspicious circumstances.’

On October 17, cops found the lifeless body of Samsudean inside her apartment building after video surveilence showed the woman appearing happy after a night out on the town.

Cops had been called to perform a welfare check after worried friends were unable to reach the woman.

According to police reports, Duxbury stalked and broke into the woman’s apartment shortly after she returned home, strangling her. Ironically Samsudean’s murder at the hands of Duxbury comes after he was hired to work as a security guard at the apartment complex where the victim lived.

Ominously a report via the Orlando Sentinel told that the victim was discovered curled in a blanket on her bed, strangled to death, with her blouse ripped and a condom wrapper nearby.

Samsudean’s pants, underwear, and purse were missing.

Police told they believed the victim had been sexually assaulted.

Told Orlando Police Chief John Mina on Friday during a press statement: As a security guard, he used his access to prey on someone who was very vulnerable.’

While the identity of the attacker had initially been a mystery, it wasn’t until after cops were able to match the security guard’s fingerprints on the victim’s toilet seat after it had been left open despite Samsudean living alone that Duxbury was implicated.

Footprints on the floor reportedly matched shoes found in his Port Orange home.

Surveillance tape hours before the woman’s murder showed Duxbury walking about the apartment complex, with the married man at one point observed on video footage talking with the woman.

Pressed, Duxbury denied ever entering the woman’s apartment and having only sought to help the woman find her apartment keys after video footage showed the ‘apparently intoxicated’ woman bumping into walls.

Samsudean’s purported murder at the hands of Duxburry comes after having been employed by Uptown Place apartment complex through Vital Security and Investigations just over 5 months ago.

Asked if the victim and her attacker had any possible relationship beyond that of residential security guard and tenant, cops told nothing indicated that to be the case.

Upon his arrest, Duxbury the security guard sported bite marks and fresh injuries on his forearms.

Duxbury is now being held at the Volusia County Branch Jail on charges of first-degree murder, sexual battery, and burglary of an occupied dwelling. On Saturday, he was denied bail.

Stephen Michael Duxbury
Stephen Michael Duxbury

Stephen Michael Duxbury


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