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Video: ISIS kills 2 Libyan spies dragging them behind truck

ISIS kills 2 Libyan spies dragging them behind truck
The terror that is ISIS continues unabated as new disturbing video out of Libya involving two spies is released.

ISIS have released yet another shocking video, this time that of two alleged Libyan spies being dragged to their deaths behind a vehicle.

According to a report via The Libya Herald the killings occurred in an IS-controlled area in the city of Derna. Observed dragged behind the vehicle was 43-year-old prisoner, Rushdi Ageela Omran Al-Masouri, who allegedly confessed to spying. The second victim was reportedly 23-year-old Mohamed Tayib Ali Al-Amri, who allegedly confessed to storing weapons in a house southeast of Derna.

Footage released on an ISIS affiliated channel shows the men in turn being tied up to the back of a truck and driven along the main road until each die from their injuries. 

The men are each dressed in an orange boiler suit, designed to copy the uniforms worn by prisoners in Guantanamo Bay as they await their impending gruesome death.

According to a report via vice, video footage was produced by the Barqah Province of the Islamic State in Libya, according to SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks jihadist activity online.

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Reports the dailymail: The appallingly graphic video starts of by showing a man with a grey beard and short hair, lying on the ground.

His hands appear to have been tied behind his back and he attempts to ask for mercy before he is tied to the vehicle.

The video goes on to show the man being pulled along the main road, his back and arms exposed to the tarmac. 

Following behind are several white vehicles, watching the awful punishment being carried out.

The new video yet comes as ISIS continues to hold small parts of territory in Libya while struggling to hold ground in Syria and Iraq.

The jihadi group had briefly held much of the city of Dernah in Libya but have struggled to keep ground against other warring factions and government forces in the country. 

ISIS kills 2 Libyan spies dragging them behind truck

ISIS kills 2 Libyan spies dragging them behind truck

ISIS kills 2 Libyan spies dragging them behind truck

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