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Watch: Indiana University fraternity suspended after oral sex hazing video

Indiana University fraternity suspended after oral sex hazing video
The suspect behavior of Indiana University fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega has become a talking point …

An Indiana University fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega has been suspended after a video (see below) surfaced of what is purported to be a member performing oral sex on a woman whilst frat members happily cheerily him on.

First posted on social media outlets reddit on Wednesday the ‘sexual hazing’ incident was linked to an Alpha Tau Omega pledge initiation.

Responding to the fracas, school administrators tweeted: Our campus is committed to a culture of care. Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) is suspended immediately, pending investigation into hazing allegations.’

The video shows a group of shirtless men watching the sex act while another group of men, these clothed, watch from the other side of a bare mattress on which the act is happening.

While the pledge performs oral sex on the woman, another woman stands above them and cheers him on as a man beside the mattress appears to even kick the pledge.

As the frat brothers cheer him on, the pledge appears to struggle but the woman holds him in place. Some commenters on Reddit pointed out that it appears the woman may be trying to suffocate the pledge, rather than forcing him to perform a sex act.

The only words that can be discerned in the video are from a man chanting ‘Scotty.’

According to Gawker, an anonymous source of the video claims the women portrayed in it are strippers.

As the Indy Channel points out, the ATO house has been in trouble over hazing before.

In 2010, 100 brothers out of 126 were kicked out of the 100-year-old ATO chapter following an investigation into hazing and alcohol abuse at the house.

Other Alpha Tau Omega chapters have been in trouble as well. A Bloomberg article from 2013 on hazing identified several incidents at the fraternity’s chapters across the country.

“At 18,000-student University of Nevada at Reno, at least 10 pledges were treated for food poisoning in 2007 after being forced to eat raw chicken — an incident cited in a 2010 report. Initiates also had the Greek letter Omega etched on their buttocks with dry ice. The university identified the fraternity as Alpha Tau Omega.”