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Video: Macedonian nanny slaps and shakes ‘scumbag’ baby

Macedonian nanny slaps and shakes ‘scumbag’ baby
What possessed one nanny in Macedonia to ruthlessly mistreat a child in her employed care? Screen shots.

Making the rounds is a disturbing video (see below) of a 65 year old Macedonian nanny slapping and violently shaking a baby while shoutingsleep, scumbag, shut up!’

The woman’s arrest would come after parents installed a secret video camera to check if she was mistreating their 10-month-old baby, after coming across unexplained bruises on the baby boy’s body.

The nanny, who has not been named, was recorded slapping the child in the face and head and shaking him saying: ‘Why are you screaming? Why?

She also said: ‘Sleep, scumbag, shut up, you son of a b***h.’

Despite being caught on film, the nanny has denied the incident ever happened, along with her lawyer, who have since claiming that the video was illegally taken and is therefore irrelevant.

According to a report via the dailymail, footage was released online in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, after the parents had become suspicious with police called in.

Suspicions rose to the fore after the child’s parents noticed bruises on their sons body, whom the parents initially thought may have been accidentally caused by an elder brother.

Nevertheless deciding to plant a secret video camera to see what was really happening, the parents would be left in shock when they realized what was taking place while they were away at work.

In the video, the nanny, who had worked for the family for five months, is observd pinching, slapping and covering the child’s face up.

All the while the nanny is heard shouting at the boy because he would not sleep, furious that she was being deprived of watching TV uninterrupted. 

Since the nanny’s arrest, the woman has appeared in court denying all charges. 

However, if convicted as seems likely based on the evidence, she could face up to 10 years in prison.

Her lawyer Vanco Mitev says the video was taken illegally and is therefore not admissible in court.

He said: ‘I will not comment on the content of the video, but will focus on procedure. The video was taken illegally.’

 Macedonian nanny slaps and shakes ‘scumbag’ baby

 Macedonian nanny slaps and shakes ‘scumbag’ baby