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Did Angela Wozniak, Married NY Assemblywoman coerce male staffer into sex?

Angela Wozniak
Has Angela Wozniak, NY Assemblywoman (pictured) picked up from her predecessors in a culture of sexual harassment? Images via facebook.

Angela Wozniak a 28 year old NY Assemblywoman and mother of one has been accused of coercing a male staff member into having sex with her.

Allegations against the Republican from Albany, come after her aide Elias Farah, 29 accused the woman of sexually harassing him. The allegations against the politician come after only having been elected into office last November.

She replaced Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak, who quit after harassment charges were brought against him by female aides.

The matter has since led to Wozniak being investigated by an ethics committee told the woman’s attorney Steven Cohen.

Speaking to WKBW, he said: ‘We can confirm that there has been an accusation brought against the assemblywoman.

‘We are now looking forward to cooperating with the investigation to clear her good name. Once that is accomplished, we will turn our attention to bringing her accuser to justice.’

The lawyer confirmed that the committee had requested  Wozniak’s computer hard drives and cell phone, which were turned over.

To date, no formal charges have been brought against Wozniak, who was voted in after promising to ‘clean up our legislature’ if she was elected.

Angela Wozniak

Wozniak was voted in following the resignation of Dennis Gabryszak, who stepped down in January after mounting accusations of sexual harassment from at least seven staffers.

Wozniak addressed those claims against her predecessor on the day of her election, saying: ‘There’s a wound in our community and people’s trust was broken. I want to restore that trust in elected officials.

‘We need stronger repercussions for those elected officials that fail to abide by the law.’

Gabryszak, a married father of two, announced he would ‘retire’ after demands for his resignation, including from Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Six female staffers, as well as a former employee, claimed the assemblyman’s unwanted advances included taking them to massage parlors and sending at least one woman a video of a sex act being performed on him.

In a separate case, the dailymail notes former Brooklyn lawmaker Vito Lopez resigning in 2013 after an ethics committee report found he had sexually harassed several aides.

Elias Farah, the lawmaker’s $39,884-a-year legislative director, decline too comment when approached by the New York Daily News. Can anyone guess why?

Images via facebook

Angela Wozniak
Angela Wozniak and Elias Farah.

Angela Wozniak

Angela Wozniak

Angela Wozniak

Angela Wozniak