Home Scandal and Gossip NSFW: Shagaluf sex video emerges of British couple on beach

NSFW: Shagaluf sex video emerges of British couple on beach

Shagaluf sex video
British holiday makers are continuing their wild antics to the disbelief of Magaluf locals. Video still.

It seems there’s no stopping British tourists determined to have the good time they rightly feel they deserve once they make it to the party resort town of Shagauluf Magaluf in Majorca, Spain.

The latest scandal involves the release of a new sex video, filmed on local Palma Nova beach, less than a week after another British couple were filmed going for their lives along a street alley next to a trash bin off the main drag. Indeed.

NSFW: New Magaluf sex video shows 2 Brits having sex on street

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New Magaluf sex video: British couple filmed having sex in broad daylight 

Reports the mirror: A pair of drunken Brits have been filmed enjoying sex on a Spanish sunbed in broad daylight enraging locals.

Residents in Magaluf are fed up with the outrageous behaviour of UK tourists, and this 8am romp is only further inflaming their concerns.

Cops were alerted to the pair’s early-morning tryst, which took place as members of the public passed by jogging or making their way to work.

Told an eyewitness via the Sun: ‘It was absolutely disgusting to see these two adults going at it.

‘Locals are sick of tourists tearing their town apart. It’s incidents like this which give Magaluf a disgraceful reputation.

‘To carry on as people try to go about their daily business is shameful.’

Shagaluf sex video

The clip, which is 47 seconds long, emerged online and further shames the reputation of young Brits heading abroad to carry out wild summer antics.

It has been viewed 350,000 times online.

The latest faux pas has led to the trending of Shagaluf‘ on social media outlets as Magaluf is increasingly becoming known as the place to visit for those seeking to indulge in promiscuous behavior. Why decline?

One stunned owner commented: ‘Would have been so funny to grab the handbag and watch him try and run after you with trousers around his ankles.’

Another user posted: ‘Classy girl.’

This year local authorities have attempted to curb out-of-control Brits and their drunken behavior on the resort.

Brits who walk around without a shirt on could face a 500 euro fine, and anyone dumb enough to attempt “balconing” – which involves jumping from one high rise balcony to another or diving off them into a swimming pool – will find themselves with a fine of up to 1,500 euros, if they survive the plunge.

What do you think? Will you also be booking yourself over to Shagaluf and seeking to extend the good British tourist reputation that locals are double wincing at?

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Shagaluf sex video

Shagaluf sex video

Shagaluf sex video

Shagaluf sex video