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Michael Crawford flew 2000 miles to have kinky with horse: Pee on my five shirts

Michael Crawford sex with horse
What led one man traveling more than 2000 miles to fulfill a fantasy. Pictured the miniature horses that Michael Crawford was taken to upon arriving in Arizona.

Entering this weeks tabloid sweepstakes is Pennsylvania man Michael Crawford who came to be arrested after traveling 2000 miles to Phoenix, Arizona in a bid to have sex with a horse.

Despite bringing along five shirts with him which the man had intended for the animal to urinate on to arouse himself the 68 year old pensioner found himself met by undercover sting cops.

Prior to his arrest on Friday the man had believed himself to be meeting a ‘willing’ (define willing…?)  horse owner after placing an advertisement.

At the time of booking his 4347 round trip mile fantasy, Michael Crawford believed the horse owner would allow him to engage in perverted acts with the animal told Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio via The Arizona Republic

The man’s bust came after investigators spotted the man’s ad in October and launched an investigation.

From there an animal crimes unit exchanged emails and phone calls with the pensioner which also graphically detailed him telling undercover sting cops what he planned to do with the animal.

Kids are you shuddering with joy and getting tingly wet yet?

Cops would tell that the man had told investigators that he had been traveling around the country engaging in acts of bestiality since 1970.

Crawford’s arrest would come after undercover cops led the man to a trailer where he was asked to choose between one of two miniature horses for the glee.

Undercover video (see below) taken by authorities showed Crawford saying they would work.

‘When he was arrested he was shocked. He said I didn’t do anything. Well, he did. Conspiracy,’ Arpaio said.

Crawford has been booked on charges of conspiracy to commit bestiality, which is a Class Six felony. 

‘I take this crime seriously,’ Arpaio said. ‘It is part of my office’s fight against animal abuse. These animals are not meant to be sex toys for the perverted.’

It would later be revealed that the pensioner had intended to mail back his ‘soiled’ shirts back to Pennsylvania where he intended to savor them upon returning from Arizona.

Michael Crawford sex with horse
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Michael Crawford sex with horse
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