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Carter Reynolds banned from vidcon: ‘I’m not a rapist’

Carter Reynolds banned vidcon
Will Carter Reynolds ever be able to come from his latest social media thrashing as fans continue to revolt?

It seems things continue to to from bad to worse to even worse for Vine star, Carter Reynolds as the social media (ex) star has now found himself being banned from VidCon and the purported recipient of death threats.

The ban comes after accusations that Reynolds is a rapist after a video leak last month saw our collective hero appearing to pressure former underage girlfriend Maggie Lindemann to perfrom extra curricular favors.

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The ban in turn has led to the 19 year old social media icon addressing accusations against him, with followers in turn debating whether their hero is in fact misogynist and responsible for having put Maggie in hospital along with recent rants from Carter ‘mocking’ suicide.

Claims of death threats, being kicked out and allegations that he is a rapist has led to an avalanche of responses from social media, including new trending hashtag, #RespectForCarter, along with former heavily subscribed hashtags  and even .

Addressing the ban against him, Carter Reynolds tweeted: ‘I had to leave the marriott because people were calling the hotel giving me death threats, i’m honestly so scared right now.

“A girl stuck her middle finger in my face today and i didn’t care but then she actually hit me in the face with her finger.. that’s too far.”

Some social media users expressed their sympathy for the Vine star but most did little do harbor their disgust with Reynolds.

One user wrote: “#RespectForCarter he deserves jail time, who cares if you’re “twitter famous”? Imagine that being your little sister/cousin/family member.”

Another added: “#RespectForCarter” why should we respect him when he has no respect for women?”

While a further Twitter user commented: “I don’t respect a person who doesn’t respect consent #RespectForCarter.”

Just last week Carter said he was ‘taking a break’ from social media after receiving huge online backlash – however the break did not appear to last very long.

Here a smattering of responses that caused me to pique, see what you think? What do you think? Is Carter Reynolds finally getting what he deserves or is he just lapping up all the publicity and buzz?