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Photos: ISIS dangle gay man by his ankles before dropping him 100ft

ISIS dangle gay man by his ankles
The latest social media campaign comes in an effort to shore up support for the group as well as install fear as neighboring strikes continue to take place against the group.

Making their diabolical presence known in a new social media campaign, ISIS have taken to showcasing a series of images showing the moment before three gay men are set to be thrown from a 100 ft tall building, one after the other.

Shot in stronghold Mosul, one of the horrific images show an alleged homosexual man dressed in a blue tracksuit held by his one ankle, moments away from imminent death as he is ‘nonchalantly’ dangled over the edge of the building with a baying mob of thousands waiting below to stone the man’s body.

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Another image shows the blindfolded man now dropped, in free fall, tumbling through the air in the sitting position with his legs outstretched as he hurtles towards the ground.

The building is approximately 100 feet tall, giving the condemned men several seconds of harrowing free-fall before impacting with the ground.

One particularly gruesome image depicts a blindfolded man with a beard tumbling backwards through the air as the bloodied and mangled corpses of his fellow victims lie below.

ISIS dangle gay man by his ankles

In a reminder of the local support ISIS maintains in the stronghold, the audience which has gathered to witness the executions is so large that several militants are deployed as crowd control.

The latest series of propaganda images, designed to install fear and to reinforce levitation towards the group emerges in a renewed pattern which has seen other condemned gay men being hurled off the top of buildings.

Once hurled, condemned men then have their bodies further crumpled by waiting mobs with rocks which they will they throw at the dead men. A signature punishment that the Islamic militant group has designed for those individuals it believes to be practicing same sex fraternization.

In some instances those thrown off tall buildings did not come to die immediately, as baying mobs designed to ensure each man’s death awaits with large rocks to be thrown at the fallen men.

According to a report by the UK’s dailymail, crowds also usually contain groups of niqab-wearing women, who are granted special permission to leave their homes in order to witness the atrocities.

The latest images came to be posted online with the caption ‘In the name of God the Merciful’, claiming to be from the Islamic State’s ‘Information Office’.

The images have once again led to fissured discussion on social media boards,with many expressing outrage, and disgust whilst others wondering Western states continue to sidetrack completely eliminating the group and the knowledge that other Arab states in the region, whilst not as viscerally violent also hold anti gay attitudes towards same sex individuals.

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ISIS dangle gay man by his ankles

ISIS dangle gay man by his ankles

ISIS dangle gay man by his ankles



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