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Marc Jacobs instagram: ‘Yes my dick is yours to try’

Marc Jacobs instagram
Marc is also a preferred hawt bixch. Is this a picture of Marc Jacobs in the buff? One tipster thinks so…

Making entry into tabloid sweepstakes is a picture of Marc Jacobs, bare ass and of course his dick which the fashion designer posted on instagram last night (says gawker via a tipster) before quickly taking down that shit.

Underneath the compelling picture, our collective hero posted: ‘It’s yours to try.’

What exactly we’re suppose to try remains a mystery. 

Also of mystery is why the designer took the snap and for whom’s eyes the snap was designed for …?

Isn’t it time you became your own ready to wear and try out fashion label …?

(notice the ring on Marc’s ring finger in the immediately below instagram pic vs the one far bottom….)

Marc Jacobs instagram
Would you hit it?