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Jennifer Caswell: Pastor files lawsuit against school cause teacher was banging his 15 year old son

Jennifer Caswell
Should school authorities have been aware that Jennifer Caswell (pictured) was sexually preying on a 15 year old student?

A father of a 15 year old male student has filed a lawsuit against Hollis Middle School in Oklahoma accusing the school district of covering up an English teacher’s sexually predatory assaults on his son and for failure to put a stop to the woman’s actions.

Oklahoma teacher charged with having hotel sex with 15 year old

In the suit, the father, a pastor, claims Jennifer Caswell (formerly Jennifer Sexton prior to her divorce) had been observed by at least two individuals having sex with his son in a school classroom, yet nevertheless that information was never reported to him, the police or the Department of Human Services.

Instead, only the administrator was told and Caswell was ultimately allowed to resign in 2014 with the understanding she could keep her teaching credentials, according to the lawsuit.

Nevertheless despite resigning, the teacher would continue, allege prosecutors to sexually prey on the 15 year old boy, having sex with the boy in a vehicle, her house and the boy’s father’s house.

According to the suit, which seeks $1 million in damages, the man’s son became withdrawn and lost interest in school and other activities.

The suit names the Hollis Independent School District, the Hollis Public School Board and the district superintendent.

Denying any wrongdoing, attorney Andy Fugitt told The Oklahoman that the school had acted appropriately once it had come to be aware of the situation.

The suit against the school comes after the teacher previously admitted to having had sex with the youth in her classroom, at her home and in her SUV. 

The 29-year-old teacher even conceded followed the teen some 650 miles to Mississippi while he was visiting his mother for another secret tryst.

Jennifer Caswell

Nevertheless speaking to Dr Phil about the relationship last month, the teacher suggested she only had sex with the boy in her classroom in April 2014 on his insistence.   

‘He kept coming closer to me and I would kind of walk away,‘ she said. ‘And he just walked up to me and then he kissed me. And then it just kind of went from there.’ 

She said that she gave in because the boy was giving her attention she was not used to at home; her 10-year relationship with her husband was crumbling.

The teacher would abruptly resign from her job in April 2014 amid suspicions in the community that something inappropriate was going on between her and the student. A resignation many believe came in order for the woman to hold on to her teaching certificate.

Still, the English teacher continued to have sex with the boy in her car, at her house and at the boy’s father’s house, even after resigning insist prosecutors.

When the father learned the teacher had been to his home while he was at work, he arranged for the teenager to go to his mother’s in Mississippi – but even that did not stop the relationship.

The former teacher was arrested at a Best Western Hotel in Olive Branch, Mississippi after police caught her and the boy in a room together.

She would be released after posting $100,000 bail. 

Having pled guilty to rape and sodomy charges this Monday and now set to be sentenced in August, the teacher stands to get jail time along with being placed on the sex offenders’ list for the rest of her life.

Reiterated Jennifer Caswell during her interview with Dr Phil:  I’m not a sex offender,’

‘I’m not a threat or a danger to anyone. It’s here forever and I’m gonna pay for it forever… But I didn’t force anything. I’m not a rapist.’ 

Jennifer Caswell

Jennifer Caswell

Jennifer Caswell

Jennifer Caswell

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