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ISIS release drowning prisoner video: Foaming at the mouth

ISIS drowning prisoner video
Why did ISIS choose to publicize savagely gruesome new video…?

In a new show of unrelenting dire to cast fear and awe, ISIS yesterday morning a new propaganda video extolling gruesome execution methods, including the slow drowning of five prisoners suspected of being spies.

The video shows the men donning red jumpsuits packed into a cage hoisted over a lake in a cage, no where to go, except down as the lever slowly plods the men to their certain imminent death.

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As the men continue to submerge and now reach eye level with the water, fully aware that their death is near and that this is not a sick cruel joke, the men can be seen praying, pacing, their eyes flaring.

But this is ISIS and the Islamic jihadist group goes one better.

High definition video set underwater also captures the men in the actual act of drowning, as they desperately gasp for air.

Soon after the heavy cage is then lifted back into the air and the prisoners are seen foaming from their mouths as their lifeless bodies lie inside. One man takes a desperate last gasp for breath.

A masked jihadi in military fatigues stands behind the cage as the men lie dying.

ISIS drowning prisoner video

ISIS drowning prisoner video

ISIS drowning prisoner video

Posits Benjamin Decker, senior intelligence analyst at geopolitical risk consultancy The Levantine Group:

‘Essentially, a lot of these execution videos, which are far more gruesome than the early executions and are often public spectacles, try to demonstrate that the local population will not have a life outside of Isis,

‘It shows them that if you try to collaborate with the Iraqi regime, they will kill you in a fashion like this.’

The same video also shows ISIS fighters carrying out two other executions: one in which men are locked in a car that is shot with a rocket-propelled grenade, and another in which the condemned have a cord of explosives wrapped around their necks.

Offers Veryan Khan, editorial director for U.S.-based Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium:

‘Islamic State’s propaganda machine is so prolific that it has to keep coming up with new ways to shock the world and impress their fan club. This means that they have to up the ante in order to gain more attention for each new release,’

‘What is shocking is the style of each execution – it is no longer enough to behead, or to behead 21 men simultaneously, to burn them alive, or shoot them in mass firing squads. They must offer a triptych of executions, each more savage than the last.’

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