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Philip Lyle Hansen guilty of pulling out his lover’s teeth during sex: Used pliers and screwdriver

Philip Lyle Hansen
Were the actions of Philip Lyle Hansen consensual?

Philip Lyle Hansen a 56 year old New Zealand man with a fetish for having sex with ‘fat, gummy women’ has been found guilty of indecent assault and wounding with intent to hurt after plying his victim’s of their teeth. 

That said Philip Hansen would be found not guilty of the more grave charge of rape, having been found guilty of only six of the ten charges levied against him.

According to a report via the Australian Associated Press the man’s victims testified he did not use anesthetic, but rather a screwdriver, pliers and an oily rag as he sadistically removed his victims teeth.

One of the man’s earlier victims told how Hansen removed six of her bottom teeth while she was having sex with him in the backseat of his car in the early ‘90s.

Another woman, who dated Hansen in 2009 after meeting online, testified that Hanson wanted to marry her after learning she wore dentures.

Reports the UK’s Guardian:

“He asked me if I had false teeth,” she told the court.

“I said, ‘Yes, was that a problem?’ ”

The woman said Hansen reassured her that it was not.

“He said he liked gummy women and that he’d rather I didn’t have teeth, that I was far more beautiful without them,” she said.

Shockingly the court would hear how the man had made more than 600 dentistry-related searches, including searches for the aforementioned ‘fat, gummy women’ on his computer.

Told one of the four women who had testified during the week long trial: ‘…during sex he suddenly got the pliers, she could hear her teeth cracking’.

The same woman also told how ‘during the night she woke up, he had her in a headlock with a rag over his hand and was trying to get her teeth’.

In making its decision the jury heard the defense argue that Hansen’s actions were consensual, whilst the prosecution noted there was a delay in the women making complaints against Hansen because of the man’s controlling behavior over them.

The defense also said evidence given by the complainants should be rejected because the women colluded, most likely out of ‘regret and bitterness’, Judge Davidson said.

That said it is not necessarily understood how the women came to consent to such onerous demands from the man who had no prior dental training.

Hansen is now set to be sentenced on June 19.