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Jessica Boyers teacher who had sex with 13 year old student gets 12 years jail: ‘He’s my boyfriend.’

Jessica Boyers
Why did Jessica Boyers (pictured) prey on a 13 year old boy?

Jessica Boyers a 26 year old former Kentucky middle school teacher has been sentenced to 12 years jail after admitting to having sex with a 13 year old student.

Boyer’s sentencing on Thursday came after the woman earlier this year pled guilty to charges of second degree rape, second degree sodomy and first degree sex abuse.

As part of her plea the teacher will now also have to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life.

Things would come to a head when the Jessica Boyers went on a clandestine six week tryst with the boy at Highland Middle School in Louisville, 2013.

Her secret would be revealed after authorities found the woman having sex with the boy in a car park at a local park in April, 2013.

Subsequent to her arrest Boyers resigned from her teaching post.

During questioning the minor told that the school teacher was his girlfriend. In a recorded police interview cops asked Jessica Boyers if she felt the same.

‘I guess you could call it that,’ responded the woman.

The teacher denied ever having sex with the minor whilst the boy conceded that he had ‘spent time’ with the teacher at her house after school and during spring break and that they had sex multiple times.

The clincher would come after the boy presented authorities a condom they had used. Dna testing would find Boyer’s Dna on the boy.

Pressed with irrefutable evidence, the teacher admitted to having sex with the child and taking a plea deal.

Jessica Boyers

In court on Thursday, the judge asked her what had happened.

‘Over a period of a month and a half, I had a sexual relationship and intercourse with a minor student of mine,’ Boyers said,WDRB reported.

The sentencing follows the minor’s family earlier this week launching a lawsuit against the former teacher and the Jefferson County Public School system for allowing the relationship to happen.

Claims the suit: ‘The sexual abuse perpetrated by Boyers against [the student] was so severe, pervasive and objectively offensive that it effectively deprived him of access to educational benefits or opportunities provided by JCPS, as an educational institution, on an equal accord with other similarly-situated male students.’

The lawsuit says the teacher and their son also messaged each other throughout the school day.

It alleges that teachers or administrators at Highland Middle School knew about the abuse, or should have known about it.

The suit also accuses the school system of being negligent in its training and supervision of Boyers. The school system has to date declined to publicly comment on the case.

Jessica Boyers

Jessica Boyers

Jessica Boyers


  1. I think convicted male sex offenders should find a way to file suit for sexual discrimination since female sex offenders get off so easy compared to men who commit the same exact offenses.

    What do you think about a culture that registers little kids for doing what normal little kids do? I mean 10 year olds on a sex offender registry? Really? Kids are curious. They will experiment with each other. I think this is a feminist agenda to criminalize males when they are helpless little kids.



  2. Because feminists say guys always want it and cast the sex offender as a victim because men suck and she wanted love at any cost. It’s B.S, it’s a double standard and that is the times we live in.

  3. She got 12 years. How much time would the same-age man with the same-age girl get? I guarantee you the man would have gotten slammed much, much harder. Why does the law always seem to go easier on female sex offenders. A 26-year-old in a special position of trust is just that and a 13-year-old child is just that. The gender of the offender shouldn’t make one whit of difference when it comes to sentencing.

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