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Emanuel Williams is The Waffle House Masturbator cops are looking for

Emanuel Williams
Isn’t it time you jacked one up in public for posterity too …? Pictured Emanuel Williams.

Emmanuel Williams a Waffle House employee in Macon, Georgia has become the subject of intense police interest after a video of the man jacking off in a booth (to completion) made the rounds.

The incident is said to have taken place Monday afternoon in the dining room of the fast food venue to the disbelief of a fellow employee who was inspired to video the scene when she realized her fellow employee wasn’t joking when he announced he was intent on self pleasuring himself.

What though makes Emmanuel Williams Monday afternoon Waffle House Masturbation session that bit extra caliente is the fact that the man happens to be on Bibb County sex offenders list in lieu of a 1999 rape conviction. That incident saw our collective hero put behind bars for a decade. 

Emanuel Williams

According to a report via the smokinggun the fellow worker who had recorded Williams warned him that she was recording him, ‘because she knew no one would believe her.’

Adding:She stated that as she was recording him, she was telling him the whole time that she was recording him and that he was a pervert.’

A deputy in turn noted: She stated that he responded by saying he wasn’t a pervert he was just a freak.

All things being equal in you too can be an instant celebrity in America, the video of Williams was then uploaded on Facebook which in turn led to news outlets knocking on Waffle House’s door and naturally Williams’ dismissal.

The co worker has since told she eventually took down the video off her Facebook wall after receiving threats from the fired man and his girlfriend who still remains at large.

Isn’t it time you ‘jacked it up’ at your local Waffle house this weekend …?



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