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Diane Manning’s dog savages husband during rough sex cause it thought he was assaulting her

Diane Manning
How a wife’s dog misconstrued her owner’s sexual trysts with her husband led to her being shot dead and her husband arrested ….

Diane Manning a Jersey City, NJ woman has accused cops of shooting her dog by mistake after officers killed the animal after responding to a report of alleged rape. In actuality the couple’s sex had been consensual which the dog misconstrued when it savaged Manning’s husband, James.

The purported rape had been called in by the Manning’s next door neighbors upon hearing the woman scream for help from her window.

In turn the husband would be charged with two counts of aggravated assault after setting on cops and a weapons offense after they shot the family dog, a pit bull by the name of Lily.

Cops in turn told a courtroom they shot the pit bull after the husband commanded the dog to attack the officers as they entered the couple’s apartment. Cops also told that at the time James Manning reaching for a knife.

Defending both her husband and her dog, Diane Manning told via  The Jersey Journal: ‘We were having sex in the bed, a little rough, when my dog got agitated and jumped on the bed and attacked him,’

‘She thought he was hurting me and I was telling the dog to get off him and I was screaming and that made dog more agitated.’

The wife added that she screamed out the window to have someone call the police to help them.

‘When they came in there were so many of them. They shot my dog while she was on top of my husband. He never told the dog to attack the police. 

‘I kept saying, “This is my husband please don’t shoot us”…. I was telling them “Help me get the dog off him”.”

Since the incident the woman has repeatedly asserted that at no time had she screamed that she was being raped. She said she had two hunting knives under the pillow of a chair far out of reach from the bed, adding that no one reached for the knives during the incident.

Reiterated the wife: ‘All I saw was the white flash of the bullet,’

‘She yelped but wouldn’t let go of him and then they shot her again. 

‘Then they handcuffed us… I was begging them ‘Please let me go to my dog.’ My husband was bleeding all over the place from his leg. ‘Please let me do something.”

James Manning, who was also charged with weapons offenses related to a knife, has had his bail set at $50,000. 

Diane Manning
The Manning’s New Jersey City residence.