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Chantae Gilman pleads guilty to raping man while he slept. Is 9 months jail fair?

Chantae Gilman pleads guilty
Did one rape assailant’s gender lead to her receiving a diminished criminal sentence? Pictured Chantae Gilman.

Chantae Marie Gilman a West Seattle, Washington mother of three has pled guilty to breaking into a man’s apartment and raping him whilst he slept.

As part of her plea deal, Chantae Gilman will be required to serve nine months jail, serve a two year probation as well as register as a sex offender.

Originally charged with second degree rape, charges against the woman for reasons not necessarily understood were amended leading to a reduced criminal count.

At the time of the June 2013 rape, her victim a 31 year old man testified that he ‘recognized Gilman as a drug user in the area’ and had woken up to find her on top of him, pinning his hands down over his hands.

According to court papers the victim demanded his attacker get off him but she refused telling him ‘to be quiet.’

Court papers would determine that the woman’s weight of 240 pounds had also been a factor in her ability to pin down her victim and violate him.

The victim was subsequently able to force his way out from under the woman, once again demanding that she leave only for Gilman to refuse again.

It would only be after pushing the woman out the door and slamming the door shut would the woman leave.

Court papers according to a report via thesmokinggun also reveal that the woman is forbidden from having any contact with her victim, only known by his initials as M.O.

As part of the woman’s plea deal, Gilman conceded that she had ‘made a substantial step to have sexual intercourse with M.O’

The statement also acknowledged that the victim ‘did not consent to the sexual contact’ since he ‘was asleep and unable to consent.’

Chantal Gilman pleads guilty

At the time of the assault the victim had returned from a birthday party for a neighbor that Gilman knew.

Noted Detective Roger Ishimitsu’s police report at the time: ‘Once arriving home he fell asleep on his bed. ‘[The] Victim slept very hard due to a long day.’

At around 2 am the victim awoke to find Gilman on top of him.

The victim told cops that his erect penis was inside his assailant who had pinned his hands over his hands.

Continued the police report: ‘M.O.’ said that after Gilman ignored demands to get off him, he was ‘able to work his way out from underneath’ her.’

The distraught man later went to Harborview Medical Center for a sexual-assault examination, and female DNA was recovered during the exam.

Chantal Gilman pleads guilty

A habitual drugs offender Gilman was forced to carry out a drug and mental health program as well as recommended to give up a child she had recently given birth to Child Protective Services.

It would be determined at the time of the rape she had been pregnant with another man’s child.

As part of her drugs plea deal Gilman was barred from using or possessing alcohol or non prescribed drugs.

Her arrest records cover the past 15 years and includes convictions for attempted robbery, attempted forgery, theft, and possession of a stolen vehicle.   

A criminal record that in all likelihood would have led to Gilman being forced to serve a considerably longer sentence than the 9 months she was doled out had the genders been reversed…

Gilman is scheduled to be sentenced on June 19.

Chantal Gilman pleads guilty

Chantal Gilman pleads guilty


  1. So this is an example of modern US justice ? There seems to be an ongoing denial that women rape and abuse children, that women can be violent and that mothers can be irresponsible as parents. This is a completely false stereotype that has infected the US justice system like a virus. What a twisted country with hypocritical values. This is the country that bombs everyone else because the US claims these other countries are twisted and evil. The US system pretends it is the bastion of equality and justice. Absolutely ludicrous. Blacks today in the US know there is only pretend equality. Also if you are poor or have a mental health problem whether you are black or white, then even if you are a citizen of the US, you will be marginalized as useless to the great cause of US affluence. If you are an ordinary working male (black, Hispanic or white) in the US you will be blamed for everything if there is a family dispute incl having your children taken away from you and blamed for all domestic violence and child abuse. If you are a Muslim (remember the banning of Cat Stevens by US authorities ?) or a Socialist in the US then beware, unless you are rich like the Saudi leaders. The great country that the US once was is now led by a group of alpha dogs who no longer care about ordinary struggling people. The country and justice system is run by stereotype that suits the alpha dogs. Clever lawyers manipulate the justice system with spin. Bring back the old US where everybody was included as citizens. Where there were some real ideals. There was hope for everybody. The strugglers and battlers were helped by ordinary people. The US was the greatest country on earth. It led the way. Sadly, the Day the Music Died and the Sounds of Silence are words that no longer are heard in the USA of the 21st century.

  2. ” charges against the woman for reasons not necessarily understood were amended leading to a reduced criminal count.”
    Oh, we understand why. It’s called the “pussy pass”. Women routinely have charges reduced or dismissed, or are given lighter sentences, simply because they are women.

  3. Wait, only 9 months in prison for breaking, entering and raping someone as a woman. While a Man who dose the same crime, get’s 10 to 15 years and has to register as a sex offender for life. That goes to show how much sexism and double standard the criminal justice system is in this country.

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