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Basam Syed busted for grinding against passengers 28 times, but mom says he just needs a wife

Basam Syed
Will you take Basam Syed to be your lawful committed serial sexual predator until death do you part?

Because only a mother can love her son like no other. The aforementioned thought might fit very well in relation to registered sex offender Basam Syed, who has come to be defended by his mother after a string of predatory sexual behavior, including Tuesday’s arrest for rubbing his manhood against a straphanger on an East Side NYC subway.

The arrest marks the son’s 28th arrest, including four while on probation for a 2014 sex crime. But who’s counting. Certainly not Syed’s mother.

Told the mother via the nydailyness, who believes everything will settle once Basam finally finds true love: ‘It’s not easy to find a wife and have kids,’

Added the mother as she stood outside the Queens family home. ‘She has to be a Pakistani. She has to be a Muslim girl.’

Basam’s latest adventure with the law comes after Syed, 35, was arrested grinding a strap holder incident on a northbound No. 4 train. One year ago, he was found guilty of rubbing his genitals against the buttocks of another woman riding the No. 6 train.

His other arrests run the gamut from drug charges to burglary to tongue-kissing a 4-year-old boy.

‘How is this guy on the street?‘ asked a police source. ‘Something’s wrong here.’

Syed, who was released in February after a short stint in Rikers Island, was arrested on March 11 for assaulting his girlfriend. He was charged at the same time with sexual abuse for the incident with her son, but allowed back on the street.

But never mind, as the serial sexual predator’s mother insists her son’s rap sheet doesn’t really give a true picture of her son.

Told the mother before marching back inside her Queens home: ‘He doesn’t need help,’

‘Nothing is wrong with him.’

What do you think kids? Maybe there’s something more than meets the eye going on here…?



  1. Just because he has been accused doesn’t mean he is automatically guilty. The last time I checked the court system a guy is innocent until proven guilty. He has an innocent face and I am sure his family and especially his mom loves him. I know this is America and I love America. I am totally agree with the free speech thing but some of the comments on here are really disgusting, racist, rude and disrespectful. His religion and ethnicity shouldn’t have anything to do with what he is accused of. He comes from a very educated respectful and decent family. I just believe he needs help. Again he is not a threat in anyway. He is not a rapist murderer and killer. I respect the police and what they do to protect our country but the police do lie and pressure individuals to say things or accuse a person of something a person might not have not done. Once accused doesn’t always make him always guilty. Let the law handle it. I’m sure the judges know what they are doing and know when someone is innocent until proven guilty. He is a good person just needs help. Do respect the innocent sweet and decent Mother she loves her son and I am sure his whole family loves him too. Do again refrain from offensive remarks.

  2. The guy is innocent until proven guilty. He didn’t grind against passengers 28 times. He has been accused nothing has been proven, He isn’t a killer murderer or rapist. I think he isn’t a threat. I’m sure the law knows that. The mother loves her child. She deserves some respect like any other mother. His race doesn’t mean anything. This is a ridiculous article.

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