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Andrea Donio, English teacher suspended after having lesbian affair with student

Andrea Donio
Recommended legislation would in the future make it a criminal offense in NJ for any teacher to have a sexual liaison with a student regardless of age….Pictured Andrea Donio.

Andrea Donio a 44 year old English teacher has been suspended for allegedly having a same sex liaison with a female student along with exchanging lewd and inappropriate photos and texts.

The Steinert High school teacher in Hamilton Township, NJ came to be suspended on Wednesday with pay pending the outcome of an investigation.

According to a report by The Trentonian cops are said to have looked into the the matter but did not file criminal charges against Donio because in New Jersey, it is not illegal for a teacher to have sex with a student over the age of 18.

According to a parent who is close to the alleged victim’s family, the girl turned 18 earlier this year.

Interviewed by cops, the teenager denied that the affair with the 44-year-old teacher had started before she had reached the age of consent.

The girl’s parents became suspicious when one day around the time of her 18th birthday the teacher stopped by the girl’s place of work to bring her a donut.

An incident in early April also saw Donio and the student travel to New York City together for Spring Break. 

Upon their return, the girl’s mother confronted Andrea Donio about her relationship with the student.

The 44-year-old denied being romantically involved with the girl 26 years her junior, but the teenager’s parents still gave her a stern warning to put an end to whatever was going on between them. 

According to the family friend, a month later, the Steinert High student told her parents she was going to a friend’s house, but instead she was spotted leaving Andrea Donio’s apartment in Bordentown.

Things would also come to a head after rumors about Donio’s purported affair with the student began making the rounds at school before eventually reaching administrators.

In briefings the student’s parent claimed the English teacher would wear high heels and short mini-skirts to school.

Offering: ‘That to me made it sound like she was a predator trying to attract students,’

‘She’s messing with the mind of a young girl that is very vulnerable. I don’t care if she 18 or not, she was her teacher.’

While the 44-year-old is not facing any criminal charges, she could lose her teaching license if her actions are deemed conduct unbecoming of an educator.

Public records suggest that Andrea Donio is divorced and has no children of her own.

And then there was this comment below on the web that caught my eye, see what you think?

both Ms. Donio and the “victim” are legal adults capable of making their own decisions. It’s also obvious that the so called “victim” isn’t really a victim at all, more like the instigator. Donio liked to bond with her students making sure they were actually prepared for college because she actually cared about their future. She taught me how write a college paper, something every other English teacher doesn’t do yet it’s necessary for college. The student presented the nude photo and the relationship probably was brought on by the student. As for the highheels and “mini skirts” Ms. Donio always wore skirts at knee length and her heels were just her niche. She loves designer shoes. That’s just who she is. So before you make allegations about her just realize this teacher is a great person. She was the only teacher that taught and talked to you as if you were a friend yet graded you like a professional. No curves. No bumping up grades.

Andrea Donio

Andrea Donio



  1. So as long as the teacher is smart, helpful to students and wears designer shoes, it’s ok to bang your students?????

  2. I would have thought the liberals would have given her a medal for introducing the child to the wonders of homosexuality.

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