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Amtrak’s Jennifer Kim violin: booed off internet for being insensitive bixch

Amtrak’s Jennifer Kim violin
How one traveler found herself shamed for what many regarded her insensitive remarks…

It seems there is little love lost for Washington National Opera musician Jennifer Kim after the violinist took to twitter damning Amtrak as to the whereabouts of her ‘missing violin.’ Never mind the seven dead people and the 200 odd injured individuals along the way…

In her tweet the violinist sarcastically wrote: thanks a lot for derailing my train. Can I please get my violin back from the 2nd car of train?

It wouldn’t be too long before social media users took notice of the woman’s tweet and piled on to her, with many calling her remarks bereft of any sensitivity in light of last night’s Amtrak tragedy, when a Washington bound train plowed off the rails leading to the deaths of seven and the injuring of 140, ten seriously, leaving travelers in mayhem.

Amtrak’s Jennifer Kim violin

Feeling the heat the violinist (wisely) decided to leave the terrain as she then chose to wipe out her social media account as livid users took the wrath of last night’s tragedy and one passenger’s lack of compassion and regard for fellow travelers (save for herself) and piled into her.

Whilst the violinist may have to deal with losing her violin (against her wishes), scores of other travelers also had to deal with losing other personal effects, including wallets, smashed laptops and of course for ten very unfortunate people their lives.

Whilst most users ravaged Kim some did come to her defense, with one user recognizing that violins for professionals cost in the thousands. An excuse or reasoning that rings audibly hollow in this author’s mind given the comparable losses that nearly everyone incurred last night.

Hopefully Jennifer Kim had her violin insured as most professionals are wanton to do and if not- tough luck Jenn, welcome to the real world that you aspire to play for ….