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68 year old Frenchman cons blindfolded victims to have 50 Shades of Grey sex with him thinking he was a male model

Anthony Laroche
Had two women consented to sex despite imagining themselves to be having sex with an entirely different man?

A 68 year old man from Nice, France using the guise of Anthony Laroche has been charged with rape after setting up a fake dating profile pretending to be a 37 year old male model and a prince for the purposes of luring women for 50 Shades of Grey sex.

Using fabricated images, the normally fat bald and short 68 year old man reports France’s leparisien had taken to dating sites to lure unsuspecting women under the pretense of having 50 shades of Grey sex with him.

Along with fake images the man would post that he and his victims should have a completely blind date, which would lead to the man blindfolding his two victims the moment they arrived at the man’s flat.

In both instances the man exchanged a series of explicit text messages with both women before agreeing to meet up.

Told one of the victims, Sylvie, who was convinced she meeting a ‘good looking man with brown hair and blue eyes’ :

‘He explained he wanted to play a game like in 50 Shades of Grey to make things more exciting.’ 

The man told the 40-year-old woman to put on a blindfold before joining him in bed.

After their initial encounter, the woman turned on the lights, and instead of a 37-year-old male model, she was confronted with ‘a man of around 65, with glasses, balding and all wrinkly.

Told the woman: ‘He didn’t correspond at all to the photo. I felt total disgust’. 

The man’s second victim, Leila told Le Parisien that after they finished their encounter, she wanted to see her new friend for the first time. 

She said: ‘he didn’t want me to take off the blindfold. When I insisted, he got angry. I ended up seeing his silhouette in the dark. He was old, pot-bellied with a big nose. I told him: “It wasn’t you in the photo.” He said: “No, but I had grown fond of you and was afraid to admit it.” I left in disgust.’

Anthony Laroche

Anthony Laroche
The dream model image Michel used…

Police arrested the 68-year-old man who has been named only as Michel. An investigating magistrate has placed him on formal investigation for ‘rape by surprise’. 

The man told cops: ‘For me, when she entered the bedroom naked, she was consenting. At that moment, she couldn’t care less what I looked like.’

‘If she had asked just once if I was really the man in the photo, I would have told her the truth,’

Adding: ‘Some women have a crazy side to them and like men who surprise them.’

Offered the man’s lawyer Laurent Poumarede: ‘Rape implies the absence of consent. Here the women were at no time forced. As for the photos of the model, they were too good to be true. I wonder if these women didn’t knowingly close their eyes to the truth in more ways than one.’

However, Mohamed Maktouf, who is representing one of the women said despite the lack of violence, there was still a rape. 

Reiterating: ‘There was no violence but these are nevertheless rapes.

‘The law is clear: a partner’s consent must be enlightened, whereas this man put in place a stratagem that enabled him to have sexual relations that he would never had if he had acted in the open.’

Police would also discover that two other women had filed similar legal complaints in 2009 and 2013, which were never followed up. They found that ‘Michel’ had been in contact with 342 women between the ages of 25 and 50 ‘throughout France’, and had ‘intimate photos’ of 200 different women.

‘Investigators are now trying to work out whether other victims are among these,‘ a source close to the inquiry told Le Parisien.

Anthony Laroche
Scene from 50 Shades of Grey.