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Shelley Lott Brown, gym teacher accused of sex with 14 year old student

Shelley Lott Brown
Why did one teacher abuse her status as an authority figure and sexually prey on a minor?

Shelley Lott Brown a physical education teacher at Nashville, Tennessee’s Goodlettsville Middle School has been accused of repeatedly having sex with a 14 year old male student.

Upon surrendering herself to police the married teacher would be charged with two counts of statutory rape by an authority figure.

The woman’s arrest comes after allegations that she had sex with the minor on at least two different occasions during the summer of 2014 reported The Tennessean. 

School authorities would be notified after an anonymous caller tipped off the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services in October about her alleged tryst with the student.

The PE teacher allegedly met the victim through her class and their relationship turned physical in the summer between the boy’s middle school and high school years.

A five-month investigation into the allegations against Brown culminated with her surrender Tuesday.

According to a cached bio on the school’s website, Shelley Lott Brown, a graduate of Davidson Academy, has been at the school for more than eight years.

According to her bio, the teacher states that in her free time, she ‘enjoys going to church, hanging out with friends, watching silly reality shows, and spending time’ with her husband, two children and three poodles.’

Since turning herself in Brown has been placed on administrative leave and suspended without pay in December.

It would not be disclosed why the woman sexually preyed on the boy and why she chose to perjure her status as an authority figure.

She is being held in jail on $75,000 bond.

Shelley Lott Brown
Brown allegedly met the victim through her class at Goodlettsville Middle School (pictured)

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