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Schoolboys jailed for 30 years for raping 86 year old. Poured bleach down her throat

Raymond Miranda
What compelled Raymond Miranda and another youth to sadistically violate an elderly woman?

Two schoolboys, Ruben Jose Melanson and Raymond Michael Miranda, then aged 15 and 14 have been jailed for 30 years for their part in the rape last April of an 86 year old woman at a Hemet, California complex for senior citizens.

According to the Riverside Press-Enterprise, the boys broke into the home and attacked the pensioner whilst she was asleep, tying up the woman before sadistically raping her and pouring two bottles of bleach over her body and down her throat.

The victim only survived because she was able to pull an emergency cord and alerted the manager of the flat complex.

She had stopped breathing by the time help arrived and would most have certainly had died had help not arrived.

Cops captured Melanson nearby after a short foot chase while Miranda was apprehended following an appeal.

During last week’s proceedings the prosecutor, Sean Crandell called the case one of the worst cases he had ever encountered. Present in the courtroom was the victim who has since been rendered immobile and forced to rely on a wheelchair and the help of a portable respirator.

Raymond Miranda

Told one of the boys to the woman: ‘I’m sorry for going into your house. I don’t expect you to forgive me.’

Addressing the two boys, now 16 and 15, the unnamed victim told them: Now for the boys, I want them to look at me. I appreciate your apology.

‘I want you to look at me and remember me because when you broke into my apartment in April, you terrorised me and also you took away my independence. You did evil things.’

Riverside County Superior Court Judge Judith Clark would sentence the two youths to a total of 30 years for the charges of elder abuse with great bodily injury, sexual penetration with a foreign object by force and rape.

The youths will be sent to a juvenile prison until they are 18, before being transferred to an adult facility. It would not be disclosed what motivated the youth or why they had conspired to sadistically violate the elderly woman.

Raymond Miranda

 Raymond Miranda


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