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Pictures: Lilsecrett, Windsor library woman secretly streamed her sex shows fired

Who is Lilsecrett and how was she able to get away with her escapade?

A mystery woman going by the name of Lilsecrett has been fired from her webcam show after it was revealed that she had been live streaming raunchy images of herself to fans over the internet at a local public library in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Alexandria Morra pleads guilty to filming live sex shows: I quit the business

Alexandria Morra, Lisecrett, Windsor public library girl arrested.

The woman’s dismissal would come after a lawyer for the US based company that provides live webcam performances by female models says Lilsecrett had violated company rules.

Lawrence Walters of Walters Law Group, Longwood, Florida told that the woman had been hired as a contract model for website MyfreeCams.com.

Walters would outline that among things ‘absolutely forbidden’ on camera by MyfreeCams.com are ‘actions that may be deemed obscene in your community’ and ‘men on camera for any reason.’

Police would opine that some of the videos has been filmed at various Windsor public library branches and that the woman involved would cover up when people walked past.

Police would add that videos circulating on the web show the woman exposing herself along with self pleasuring herself. Indeed.

Offered Sgt. Matthew D’Asti: ‘We are aware that these types of things happen on the web, however when this individual chooses to bring this to a public space it becomes a concern for us.’

D’Asti would add that the woman used her own laptop computer to stream the videos.


But it gets better. Or to be precise even more scandalous.

Cops now believe that the woman who goes by the name of Lexi in real life also used Tim Hortons’ coffee shops as the location for her shows but aren’t sure of where they are because each one is so generic.

D’Asti would predict (and I agree but for different reasons) that they’ll find Lexi because she is ‘clearly visible in the videos.’

In one particularly risque episode, lilsecrett is seen shooing away a young child who wandered up to her in the middle of a performance.

Offered Windsor library CEO Kitty Pope: ‘We were pretty shocked,’

‘We learned about a young person in the library in January who was taking inappropriate pictures of herself. When staff discovered this, they tried to find out who she was. She wouldn’t identify herself so they asked her to leave.’

Pope said she was initially only aware of one incident in January after receiving complaints. But the library learned from a CBC Windsor report this week that the woman had performed dozens of explicit shows at desks in two libraries.

One episode shows two people interrupting Lilsecrett while she is self pleasuring at the library.

‘Excuse me? You need to leave,’ a woman says. ‘Yeah?’ Lilsecrett answers. ‘Yeah, right now,‘ the woman replies. Library officials confirm that a woman was asked to leave one of their branches in January for ‘suspicious behavior.’ A former FreeCams performer who calls herself Juju would tell the vancouversun the following: ‘Some of these girls are making over $1,000 a day doing public library shows, probably a lot more.’ Adding: ‘This girl has an established pattern over three months of going back to the same spot,’ ‘This isn’t the first time a child was seen on her cam. She was aware already that it was not the place she could be camming at in the first place.’ The former performer would add that she eventually quit after a year because she felt other models were crossing the line and the website wasn’t monitoring it properly.

A profile at harrietsugarcookie.com claims lilsecrett is a 21-year-old woman named Lexi.

It’s unclear if the woman will be charged when investigators track her down.

‘We have to look at this in terms of the investigation to determine the criminality involved,’ said D’Asti.

‘There are sections of the criminal code that apply to indecent acts as well as nudity, and those sections of the code will need to be explored. We need further explanation to determine applicable charges. We definitely need people to come forward.’

Windsor library director Chris Woodrow has since told the library is looking into how the woman managed to go undetected for months. He said only the central library has security cameras.

This isn’t the first time this year a woman was unveiled to be lewdly misbehaving in a public library. Kendra Sunderland, a 19-year-old former student (and user of MyFreeCams.com too!), was arrested in January for posting risque videos from the Oregon State University Library.







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