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Naked Panama Spring break girl appears: ‘I am safe. I consented.’

Naked Panama Spring break girl
How an image of an adolescent has ignited debate as to what takes place during Spring Break.

A naked spring break girl pictured surrounded by a group of men at Panama beach has Friday evening come forward to tell she is safe and that she consented to her interaction with the men she was seen with.

She has identified herself as a 17 year old girl who told that an interaction between her and the crowd was consensual but nevertheless did not realize pictures of her were being taken.

The revelation of images of the minor which surfaced on March 11 led to disconcert, with authorities seeking her whereabouts, fearing that she may have been in danger.

After having seen pictures of herself online the girl came forward to the Bay County  Sheriff’s office insisting she was safe.

Pursuant to reaching out to authorities it would also be revealed she wasn’t enrolled in college. Why or how she came to be involved with party revelries with college boys is not necessarily understood. What is also not understood is if the boys were aware that the girl was a minor or if they should have known?

Told a statement released by Sheriff Frank McKeithen Friday evening:

‘The Bay County Sheriff’s Office has identified the female in a photo the agency released on March 17, 2015. 

‘The photo was posted on Twitter on March 11, 2015, when it came to the attention of law enforcement who became concerned for her safety. The female was on the sand on what was believed to be Panama City Beach. 

‘She was surrounded by a crowd of men in bathing suits. She was wearing no clothing and appeared to be underage.

‘The female in the photo became aware through the media that her identity was sought, and contacted the BCSO today and spoke with investigators. 

‘The BCSO requested law enforcement in the same city the girl lives in to make contact with her. 

‘They verified her claim to be the girl in the photo. She lives in the southern part of the United States and told investigators she visited Panama City Beach for spring break, although she does not attend college. 

‘She is seventeen years of age and although she stated her behavior and interaction with the crowd was consensual and she is safe, she did not realize that someone was taking her picture.

Sheriff McKethithen would tell the UK’s dailymail ‘that photos had been deeply concerning to law enforcement because of how young the girl looked, and their main priority was to find out if she was safe. ‘

Added McKeithen: ‘She isn’t in trouble,’

‘We want to be proactive about her safety.’

An investigation is still underway into the photographs, but the extent of that is not yet known. At present it is not understood who took the pictures and how or why they came to be disseminated. 

Images showed the adolescent in various repose, participating in beach revelries, nevertheless fear was expressed when in one image the minor appeared to be attempting to escape the throng of shirtless men, one of whom appears to be grabbing at the necklaces at her throat.

One image also making the rounds showed the minor bent over and dancing naked near the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, images that still exist on the web.

The latest misadventure comes off the heels as Panama City Beach remains one of the country’s top destination for students on Spring Break where a culture of misogyny is rampant along with sexual assaults.

Reiterated Sheriff McKeithen: ‘We have a mess here… this is not the traditional Spring Break of the past,’

‘The kids themselves are posting videos of them having sex on the beach and getting into fights.’

Adding: ‘The majority of sexual assaults are not reported, because they feel shame, are embarrassed, have never likely been this intoxicated before and are far from home,’ 

‘But our message is this – no matter how intoxicated you are, if you are violated, we take that very seriously.’

Other issues were the difficulty of policing a swelling import of college students who seek hedonistic abandon.

Told the sheriff: ‘We can’t ”police it” away, that’s not going to fix the problem. We are doing the best we can. At some point, someone has to decide whether this is what we want or don’t want.

‘I am trying to keep people and our officers safe.’  


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