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Kevin Huang, Rutgers student took LSD, got naked, stabbed classmate

Kevin Huang
Kevin Huang had a very very bad LSD trip ….

Kevin Huang, a 22 year old Rutgers student has been arrested after allegedly removing his clothes and stabbing a classmate in the neck purportedly under the influence of LSD.

Upon being summonsed, authorities would find Huang ‘naked and pacing’ when they arrived at the apartment where the stabbing took place early Saturday morning.

According to a witness, Huang and 23-year-old Andrew Kim had taken LSD earlier in the evening when Huang abruptly became violent, got naked and began to destroy the apartment. Immediately after leaving to get assistance, the witness returned to discover Kim bleeding from the neck, attempting to flee the apartment.

But it gets better…

While detaining Huang, police allegedly observed a huge quantity cash, drugs and paraphernalia in the apartment, where they subsequently uncovered ’15 pounds of marijuana, roughly 500 bars of Xanax, a considerable quantity of cocaine, other unidentified tablets and crystals,‘ after securing a search warrant.

Police disclosed Kim’s injuries were not life threatening, while a hospital spokesman said he was in serious condition. It was also established the victim did not live at the Sicard Street home with Huang, where the incident took place.

Our collective hero has since been charged with attempted murder, two weapons counts and a series of drug-related offenses. It wasn’t known Saturday if Huang had retained an attorney or for that matter come off his (bad) trip…

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