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Justin Jarrard Oliver beats up woman who refused to have sex after buying her McDonalds breakfast

Justin Jarrard Oliver
Justin Jarrard Oliver is also a preferred hawt bixch.

Justin Jarrard Oliver a 26 year old Florida man has been arrested after allegedly beating up a woman who refused to have sex with him after having bought her a McDonald’s breakfast.

The man is said to have attacked his victim whilst they were driving away from the fast food vendor in West Palm Beach, Wednesday morning.

The 26-year-old was picked up by the woman, who was driving with her boyfriend, and went to place an order.

The assailant then paid the bill and the trio drove off. But the suspect then demanded sex’ because he bought the food.

The woman refused so Oliver allegedly grabbed her arm and tried to drag her into the back seat.

The woman held onto the steering wheel and stopped the car, but then Oliver got out and tried to pull her from the vehicle, still demanding sex.

From there Oliver punched the woman in the face causing her to suffer a one-and-a-half inch laceration above her left eye and numerous other cuts and abrasions.

In response, the woman’s boyfriend jumped on Oliver’s back, allowing the victim to move the car along the road.

Her partner jumped back in and they managed to drive to St. Mary’s Medical Center where hospital staff alerted the police.

Police would eventually find Oliver near the location of the assault. He refused to answer questions from police, citing his right not to incriminate himself.

It wouldn’t necessarily be understood why the man thought he could elicit sex on the pretense of having acquired the couple a meal.

Our collective hero is facing charges of felony battery and false imprisonment. He is being held on $75,000 bail. Lovin’ it….

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