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Pictures: Erica Lynn Mesa, teacher has sex with four teens.

Erica Lynn Mesa
Why did one female teacher prey on her students?

Erica Lynn Mesa, 28 a former math teacher and volleyball coach at Virginia’s Colonial Forge High School has pleaded guilty to having sex with four teenage students.

In jail since her arrest Sept. 29, Mesa admitted to Stafford Country Sheriff deputies that she  had sex with the boys, one of whom was underage at the time, because it made her feel ‘attractive and wanted.’ She told how she had sex with one victim in a car in a commuter lot on his eighteenth birthday.

The teacher also described having multiple students over at her house while her husband was away. She said she made one of the boys wait his turn in the basement while she had sex with another upstairs.

The ages of all four students involved have not been released. That said investigators did reveal that one of Mesa’s victims was 16 years old when she first preyed on him in 2013 until her eventual arrest last year.

Offered the woman’s attorney, Mark Gardner during court testimony on Friday: ‘She is not a pedophile,’

‘She was not preying on people who had no interest in participating.’

The lawyer would concede that his client’s poor choices cost her her marriage and her career.

Authorities began investigating the teacher after receiving a tip from school administrators. Investigators found a electronic trail linking Mesa to her victims, which included nude photos of herself that she’d sent to a 16-year-old student, according to WTOP.

Mesa was charged with the sex abuse of two boys, but told police that she had sex with a total of four victims, according to the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star. In exchange for her pleas, prosecutors reduced two charges against Mesa, and dropped two others.

As part of her plea deal, Mesa will register as a sex offender.

Set to be sentenced on May 21, the woman faces a maximum of 22 years in prison.

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Erica Lynn Mesa
Erica Lynn Mesa

Erica Lynn Mesa

Erica Lynn Mesa

Erica Lynn Mesa

Erica Lynn Mesa



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