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Ashley Parkins Pruit, married teacher indicted for having sex with three students

Ashley Parkins Pruit
Why did married school teacher, Ashley Parkins Pruit prey on her three teenage students?

A grand injury has indicted Alabama school teacher, Ashley Parkins Pruit after accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior with three male high school student last year.

The 28 year old married mother of one was was arrested Nov. 13 when she turned herself into authorities reports alabama.com.

At the time the teacher was charged with three felonies and two misdemeanors, and was released the same day after posting $215,000 bond. She would also be placed on paid leave. 

Blount County Schools Superintendent Jim Carr would note the alleged victims did not attend Appalachian High school where Pruitt works as a P.E., language arts and English teacher.

The grand jury issued the indictments against Pruitt Jan. 29, but the documents indicating the woman’s indictment were only made available this morning.

Indicted on five counts, including two counts of providing pornography to a minor, two counts of sex act with a student, one count of sex contact with a student, the teacher is now set to go to trial.

Authorities say the alleged incidents happened in August, September and October of 2014. The allegations against the teacher range from having oral sex in a car to sending sexually-explicit photos of her breasts and vagina to the victims.

Ashley Parkins Pruit

In October, authorities told, Pruitt sent pictures of her vagina and breasts to a student who is under the age of 18 via Snapchat. She carried on multiple conversations with the “Victim #1,” which included her desire to take the victim’s virginity, according to an affidavit filed in Blount County.

Pruitt also engaged in oral sex with “Victim #2” who is also a student and who is under the age of 19. The sex act took place in a vehicle.

The teacher also used Snapchat to set up the meeting and carried on conversations with the victim that were sexually explicit.

From August through September, Pruitt engaged in sexual contact with “Victim #3,” another student under the age of 19. In that instance the teacher was said to have ‘made out’ with the teen in a car. Pruitt also used Snapchat to send “Victim #3” sexually explicit messages, according to court records.

Pruitt has pleaded not guilty to the charges. A trial date has not yet been set.

Ashley Parkins Pruit
Ashley Parkins Pruit and her husband, school sport coach with whom she has a young son with.