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Pictures: Laura Mistretta arrested for running through hotel naked

Laura Mistretta
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Laura Mistretta a 29 year old Louisiana mother of two has been charged with obscenity after running through a hotel naked yelling at hotel staff and guests.

The spirited woman would bring attention to herself at Crestwood Suites, Baton Rouge after wandering around the hotel with no pants, nude.

A police report would note the woman claiming that her friend had stolen her pants.

According to WAFB a manager had asked our collective hero to leave the property but Mistretta began yelling at him, calling him offensive names in the lobby of the extended stay hotel. 

A hotel guest told authorities that when he encountered the woman she began yelling at him and said her exposed genitals were offensive. He said she continued to yell as she walked away.

The hotel manager asked Mistretta to leave again as a crowd formed in the lobby because of the disturbance, yet once again our collective hero refused and began running through the hotel.

Police say Laura Mistretta returned to the lobby from the elevator and commenced to call the hotel manager ‘every name in the book.’ 

A report via CBS would note the woman being asked to leave the hotel more than once, before authorities were eventually summonsed. 

Mistretta has since been charged with obscenity, disturbing the peace, and remaining after forbidden. She was released a day after the February 17 incident on $10,000 bail. It is not necessarily understood if she would later come to find her pants amongst other things…

Laura Mistretta
Why decline?
Laura Mistretta
Have you had your pants stolen recently?
Laura Mistretta
You mean I made national headlines?
Laura Mistretta
One more for the road…
Laura Mistretta
Who knew I could command so much attention?
Laura Mistretta
I wonder what the papers will write?
Laura Mistretta
Never mind, it could have happened to anyone…right?