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Pictures: Amie Carter masturbates on Florida street. Stops traffic.

Amie Carter
Amie Carter is also a preferred hawt bixch….

Kids it’s time to meet Florida’s Amie Carter who has made it in tabloid land for her amazing self pleasuring feats and then some…

According to Orlando police, Amie, 31 was under the influence of a ‘heavy unknown substance’ (otherwise known as the good stuff) after a ‘debauched stroll’ which saw our naked collective hero stop, masturbate in front of a Lexus car, climb on top of it. Stop, wonder to herself what an amazing time she was having and how all the world would finally get to at last know her name. Stop, stomp on the hood and throw her cellphone at another car.

Who needs cellphones anyway when you have moxie….

Describes the Orlando Sentinel (brace yourselves kids): A naked woman stopped traffic Sunday night when she touched herself in front of one couple’s car and then climbed onto the hood, Orlando police said.While atop the vehicle, Amie Carter, 31, stomped on the hood and threw a cellphone at car stopped behind the vehicle she was standing on, according to an arrest report.

Carter was arrested and taken to Orange County Jail.

She was charged with criminal mischief and exposure of sexual organs.

Officers describe receiving a call Sunday night circa 11.15pm after Amie Carter was noted to be causing a disturbance at the junction of East Par st and Formosa Ave.

Notes an ensuing police report: ‘She appeared in an altered mental state, displaying extremely irrational and volatile behavior.’

Amie Carter
Amie werks hard for the money….

From there cops asked our collective hero who just wasn’t having any of it to get out of the street. From there Amie kicked up a storm (literally) as cops attempted to physically restrain her.

At last finally wrestled and placed to the side of the road (you ask and God shall deliver) our collective hero was placed in handcuffs and covered in a blanket.

Offered Sarah Carlson, a passenger in the Lexus that Amie had stomped on, ‘she fondled herself in front of the car‘ before climbing on the auto.

For her troubles Amie has since been arrested and charged with criminal mischief and exposure of sexual organs.

WKMG would also report that Amie caused about $1,500 in damage to the Lexus she had stomped on. Never mind, all worthy adventures come at a price.

At present it is not necessarily understood what substance Amie was on, what inspired her and whether she has made a ritual of similar behavior in the past (see below) and whether the zingy thing in her heart that is hurting so badly has been addressed…

And then there was this via smokinggun too: Carter’s rap sheet includes prior arrests for narcotics possession, theft, resisting arrest, burglary, drunk driving, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Images via facebook

Amie Carter
Mugshot memorabilia…
Amie Carter
Why decline…?
Amie Carter
At least I had a good time. How about you…?
Amie Carter
Orlando free for all, starring me…
Amie Carter
At your beck and call….
Amie Carter
Looks like Amie has been down this road before…
Amie Carter
If you can’t get it right the first, second time, try and try again…


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