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Madison female teacher denies sexually assaulting minors: ‘Selfie was meant for husband.’

Allison Marchese Madison teacher
What compelled one English teacher to purportedly prey on her minor students?

Allison J Marchese, 37 a Madison, Connecticut teacher has pled not guilty too second-degree sexual assault, risk of injury and impairing the morals of a child.

The charges result as a consequence of claims that the English school teacher maintained sexual liaisons with a 17 year old and 15 year old boy at the school she taught at, Daniel Hand High School.

Pictures: Allison Marchese, Madison teacher arrested for sexual assault of 16 year old boy

Notice of the sexual assaults would come after the school was notified by one of the students that he had received inappropriate texts and images , including ‘sexy selfies’ of the teacher wearing only a thong and a bra.

Pending the outcome of an internal investigation Marchese was put on paid leave. 

Investigators would tell that the indiscretions took place directly under the nose of her husband, Robert Marchese, 39 who also happened to teach at the school, also in the English department.

Things would come to the fore after one of the students admitted receiving a selfie from the teacher. Marchese in turn would argue that she had sent the photo to her husband instead. How the boy came to receive the selfie is not necessarily understood.

Nevertheless police records indicate in one instance, the Madison teacher messaging the student through Instagram to come to her classroom. The teen excused himself from a different class by pretending he needed the bathroom and headed to Room 347 where Marchese was allegedly waiting.

Described an affidavit: ‘Once in the room, they got into each other’s personal space and started to ‘hook up’ which he described as kissing each other and she then started touching him ‘downtown,”

Fearing it was ‘not safe,‘ Marchese ‘locked the classroom door and closed the blinds.‘ She then performed a sex act on him, the affidavit said.

After the summer break ended in September 2014, the student wanted to cool the relationship off but  Marchese was addicted as did not want their encounters to stop.

She would soon send the minor an instagram message which read: ‘I know when to stop, I know when to move on, but I know is different from I can,’ the affidavit said.

Desperate to put an end to the encounters, the teenager then came up with a plan to blackmail Marchese, telling her that he would stay silent about their relationship if she gave him $200.

In response, the teacher let him know that her father had ‘Mafia ties’ who would make sure he ‘would never play football again,’ if he told anyone.   

The student finally gave in and reported the allegations to staff at the school. The police were contacted and the English teacher was arrested on January 7 WTNH-TV reports.

It wasn’t until police went to field allegations that they discovered that the teacher had also behaved inappropriately with other students.

Allison Marchese Madison teacher

Madison police investigators also interviewed 15-year-old student who claimed that he too had a relationship with Marchese, that began when he was 14. Like the 17-year-old, much of the communication took place through Instagram.

The student told investigators that Marchese had texted him to say that she could not concentrate on teaching her own class because he he was so attractive. 

The younger teen said Marchese messaged him ‘nonstop’ the first week of summer vacation, including long messages expressing her feelings and trying to make him feel badly for not responding.  

During an interview with Madison police in January, the teacher’s husband, Robert Marchese told investigators that his wife had recently become obsessed with ‘social media and working out.’ 

He said his wife told him she was having an ‘inappropriate relationship’ with the 15-year-old, communicating with him in ‘sexually explicit ways,’ and that she ‘admitted having oral sex’ with the 17-year-old,’ the affidavit said. 

He also turned over tape recordings of a conversation he had with his wife in which she admitted those things, according to the affidavit.

The couple have since filed for divorce.

Allison Marchese Madison teacher

Allison Marchese Madison teacher


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