Home Scandal and Gossip Jennifer Lawrence naked for Vanity Fair: Getting naked on her terms.

Jennifer Lawrence naked for Vanity Fair: Getting naked on her terms.

Jennifer Lawrence naked for Vanity Fair
Jennifer Lawrence naked for Vanity Fair: Is she contradicting herself?

It was inevitable but at least it’s on Jennifer Lawrence’s terms as the 24 year old actress has taken to posing naked for Vanity Fair with a giant red tailed boa constrictor in a new provocative photo shoot.

Photographed by famed French fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier, the actress is captured lying on her stomach, feet in the air as a Colombian red-tailed boa constrictor coils over her bottom, around the arch of her back and over her neck.

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Unfazed the actress throws the camera a smouldering stare, oblivious to the reptile working its way around her body. Better a snake than illicit hackers who caused the actress havoc last labor day when they posted leaked images of the actress which soon went viral.

The shot is an homage to the iconic 1981 portrait of Nastassja Kinski, taken by photographer Richard Avedon for Vogue magazine.

Interestingly what makes this shoot, said to be an out take from a November, Hollywood shoot is the actress has chosen to appear naked (it seems to be inevitable that entertainers end up posing naked) but on her terms, reserving the right as to how and when she chooses to market her image, naked or not.

What had previously stoked the actress was the claim that hackers had taken private intimate moments in her personal life and had distributed them without her permission, going so far as to call the act a ‘sexual violation’ akin to being raped.

Despite the actresses candor and effortless pizzazz as she appears in her newest naked takes is how seriously we the consumer can take the actress who has nonchalantly shared her own naked image presumably for profit and branding sake? After all it’s one thing to cry foul when hackers steal one’s likeness but an all together different act to actively pursue the same act of showcasing oneself naked for the public at large. Which poses the question were Lawrence and her handlers upset because others got to profit and choose how to disseminate her image as a public figure as opposed to the subject matter herself?

Then again shouldn’t that right to showcase oneself naked always be in the hands of the subject matter or is that right disqualified once that individual becomes a public figure whose image then makes its way on the web where the internet ultimately decides what it wants to see and how often…?


  1. Jealous much? The nude pics were private, leaked, and showed off her ‘x-rated’ bits. This is an art pose, PG at best and shows nothing of that kind of value so while it is dodgy, it’s not the same thing.

  2. Oh yeah…. the same person who whined and cried about nude pics on the net. What a two faced phony this person is and truth is, she has no real talent except to love her self to a pitiful degree.

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