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Video: ISIS parades 17 Kurdish fighters in cages. Promise to burn alive

ISIS parades 17 Kurdish fighters in cages
Why has ISIS chosen to continue to disseminate harrowing and contentious videos…?

Militant Islam group ISIS have released disturbing video (see below) of 17 Kurdish fighters being paraded in cages through north-eastern Iraqi city Kirkuk with the expressed claim that they are now set to be burned alive.

The procession comes in light of ISIS’ call to Islamic procession and the exodus of infidels: Qafas Al-Harq  (translated The Cage Of Burning).

Jeered by militants lining the streets, the Peshmerga fighters, donning orange jumpsuits and shackled in cages reports the UK’s dailymail are likely to meet the same fate that befell Jordanian prisoner and downed pilot Lieutenant Muath al-Kaseasbeh.

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The march through the oil rich district comes after the enclave managed in recent weeks to gain a foothold after mounting repeated attacks.

The parade is thought to be retribution for Kurdish forces having dragged the bodies of ISIS fighters through the the streets of the city in the Kurdistan region of Iraq earlier this month.

The four minute long video, released via social media in the latest prong of intimidation and polarization via widely disseminated visuals depicts the procession of up 17 Kurdish fighters, each carried one by one on the back of white pick up trucks with ISIS flag waving militants brandishing AK 47’s.

 ISIS parades 17 Kurdish fighters in cages

The latest footage has also led to questions as to if and when US trained Iraqi forces will be able to retake the area where conflicting alliances within the Sunni and Shiite population has led to consternation.

Retorted a US presidential press conference: ‘Our coalition is on the offensive, ISIL is on the defensive and ISIL is going to lose.’ 

Commentators on social media have once again expressed their wonder as to why ISIS has not been taken out and the will of the Western alliance. A will that ISIS will continue to test in a slew of public relations videos aimed at raising the stakes.

ISIS parades 17 Kurdish fighters in cages

 ISIS parades 17 Kurdish fighters in cages

ISIS parades 17 Kurdish fighters in cages

ISIS parades 17 Kurdish fighters in cages

ISIS parades 17 Kurdish fighters in cages

ISIS parades 17 Kurdish fighters in cages

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  1. We all know this is a real war Good vs. Evil . If they think their God has order to kill all who is not Muslim or any other person that do not have the same belief as them they must die . I do not think any GOD no mater what religion would order his followers to torcher , Murder and other crimes in the name of God . We have had other dumbass leaders all through time that have tried to do the same . They all killed millions of people , But they all have failed . So do you think HITLER is in Heaven or in Hell . ISIS is no different from them . These guys were bad people to start with they have murdered , Rape and now they do it in the name of god . Because they can keep doing what they were doing before any War was stared . If your god is this way his name must be HILTER . And you all will burn in hell for the sins you have did in the name of a God that you have change
    so you can keep up your crimes against all man kind .

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