Home Pop Culture Have you tried the Wankband yet? Charges phone while you masturbate.

Have you tried the Wankband yet? Charges phone while you masturbate.

Wankband. A future reality or just a hoax?

Here’s some technological offering that some of you might want to take advantage of courtesy of adult entertainment website, pornhub, who is now offering users the ability to charge their phones and other mobile devices whilst masturbating.

Reports huffpo: Dubbed the “Wankband,” the new, wearable device generates electricity via a valve that generates and stores energy with an up-and-down motion such as a back-and-forth motion of the wrist. The energy is stored with an internal kinetic charger.

Explain the makers on their website: ‘At Pornhub, we realize that by offering our users millions of hours of adult content, we are part of the problem,’

‘That’s why we’re going to show men that they can save the planet by doing what they do best.’

Whilst some of you might be giddy with anticipation, makers tell that the Wankband (did I just type that ?) is still currently in development,  with the claim that the device will adapt ‘naturally to your routine, working during your most relaxed and self-gratifying moment of the day,’ whilst allowing users to ‘love the planet by loving themselves.’

In case you think the wankband is only geared for men, think again ladies, as the makers have promised that their device is ‘100 percent unisex’ (why be excluded?) and works just as adroitly for women as it does for men. Indeed.

Interested users can sign up for beta testing on a SFW landing page on the Pornhub website here

And then there was this reality check via technologytell which had me wondering: ‘….how is possible to generate enough energy from, uh, motion to power an actual electronic device? And if neither Apple, Samsung, Pebble, LG, or anyone else in the wearable space hasn’t figured something like this out, how did Pornhub? Has Pornhub hired electronics engineers?  Did someone leave Apple to take such a job with Pornhub? If they did, how did they explain it to their parents?’

Isn’t it time you turned one of your favorite recreational pursuits into an energy saver and help save the world along the way?