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Christchurch office sex worker husband sacked.

Christchurch office sex
It is believed that the married man involved in the Christchurch office sex romp, a senior regional manager has since been sacked.

A married Christchurch, New Zealand worker embroiled in an illicit sex romp at work has since been identified by local sources as being a senior regional manager at Marsh Ltd insurance firm in his late 40’s. Married with a 15 year old son and 19 year old daughter, his antics with a recently engaged office secretary half his age would become fodder the world over. It would also tell sources ultimately cost him his job.

Christchurch office sex workers no longer working at Marsh. Were they fired?

Christchurch office sex video: He’s married, she’s engaged and they didn’t turn up to work

Video: Christchurch office sex caught on camera from bar across the road

The Christchurch office sex rendezvous would imperil the pair after their actions were unwittingly caught on video by spellbound pub patrons across the road at Carlton Bar and Eatery  as the pair performed in full view with the lights on.

The illicit affair may have gone on unnoticed and a tawdry secret save for the fact that the husband’s cheating ways were spotted by the man’s wife after she too came across images on social media.

According to the dailymail Australia, at one point the husband’s brother even texted his brother about the office romp, not knowing at the time that it was his own brother who had come to be embroiled.

Told a friend of the brother: When he heard what happened he never thought that it was him. He actually texted him straightaway to find out who in the office it was,’

‘After he didn’t reply he even asked, ‘It’s not you is it?’ He was pretty shocked when he admitted that it was.’

Christchurch office sex

Things would get hairy when the dailymail would take it upon itself to call on the married man’s private residence in the affluent affluent Christchurch suburb of Sumner to speak with the married man on Saturday, with the man (unsurprisingly) refusing to open his door or answer any questions.

The married insurance broker it is said to have told reporters, ‘get off these premises,’ from behind the front door.

The tabloid would further report that the husband appeared to be home alone, despite the wife having answered the door the previous day when the outlet called on the household.

Told the wife, ‘Ive got nothing to say. He’s not here.’

At present the couple’s neighbors have told it is uncertain whether the husband and wife’s marriage will survive in the face of the revelations of the husband’s wandering ways. It would not be disclosed what led to the husband choosing to partake in a sexual dalliance behind his wife’s back.

Christchurch office sex

A neighbor that lived a few houses away and who claimed he’d known the family for years, would tell she was shocked at what had happened and had ‘no explanation‘ for the senior manager’s behavior.

‘It’s all come as a bit of a shock. I still can’t believe it has happened. I’ve no explanation for it at all,’ the neighbour said.

‘It’s very, very sad. He’s a lovely guy. I’ve no idea why he would do it. He and his wife have been very good to me over the years and are a lovely couple.’

Earlier this week the ex-fiancé of the woman involved in the sex romp said their engagement was already over before the incident, and that it’s sad ‘for everyone involved‘.

Identifying himself only as ‘Josh’ he told The Edge radio station on Friday morning that they were no longer engaged and had split up weeks before the erotic encounter.

He said he knew the other man who appeared in the video, but had never met him.

‘I think for everyone involved it’s quite sad,’ he said.

An insurance industry insider said that the man had been sacked from his job over the incident. But the firm has only confirmed that an internal investigation is still ongoing. 

Christchurch office sex

Christchurch office sex

Christchurch office sex


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