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Pictures: Allison Marchese, Madison teacher arrested for sexual assault of 16 year old boy

Allison Marchese
The sordid misbehavior of Allison Marchese explored…

Allison Marchese, 37 a Daniel Hand High school teacher in Madison, CT has been arrested and charged with sexual contact with a 16 year old male student. Ancillary charges told cops also included sexual assault in the second degree and risk of injury or impairing the morals of a child.

The woman’s arrest Thursday morning comes after a police investigation launched on January 7 after a student reported the incident to the principal. 

Madison female teacher denies sexually assaulting minors: ‘Selfie was meant for husband.’

Confounding matters were by then the rampant circulation of rumors on social media that the teacher had sex with an unidentified student, forcing the school’s hand.

Offered Madison Police Sgt. Joseph Race via New Haven ABC affiliate WTNH : ‘Since that time it’s been interviews and gathering evidence to substantiate the allegations before we move forward.’

Added School Superintendent Thomas Scarice ‘Marchese is currently on administrative leave but the district is moving forward immediately with the personnel process regarding her employment.’

Calling the alleged incident ‘vile and disgusting,‘ Scarice would send the following statement to parents in part below:

‘I find the alleged conduct of this teacher vile and disgusting. The bond of trust between a professional educator and a student is fragile and precious. The violation of this bond is nothing less than reprehensible. The district will take the most aggressive actions possible to see to it that any individual who abuses this bond is removed from the profession and brought to justice. Should Ms. Marchese be found to have engaged in sexual conduct with a student, she should face the full force of the law. Such acts abuse students, traumatize school communities, and leave a black mark on the entire teaching profession. Such conduct is unspeakable.’

The dailycaller notes that fines and penalties that Allison Marchese potentially faces is conditional of the age of the student at the time of the alleged.

If the student was under 16 at the time any sex occurred, Marchese faces being sentenced to several months at a minimum and 20 years as a maximum.

“It’s gonna destroy her entire family, as well as the family of the child affected,” local parent Christine Hayes opined to WTNH.

Marchese is currently free on a $100,000 bond and is set to appear in court on Feb. 24.

Allison Marchese

Further confounding matters are news reports that Marchese’s husband, Robert Marchese was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and interfering with an emergency call in Madison on Jan. 31.

Notes the CTNow: Marchese, 39, who teaches English at Daniel Hand, was released on a $1,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in New Haven Superior Court on the charges on Feb. 25.

How the husband came to be involved in a matter of disorderly conduct has yet to be elaborated as of Friday.

And then there were these teacher ratings courtesy of students of Allison Marchese which made me wonder as well:

Feb 10, 2011: ‘I love her! Her class is fun and we learn a lot. The honors class is challenging but still fun.’

Nov 10, 2009: ‘Really nice teacher, i wanted her so bad! She’s understanding too….’

Mar 06, 2009 She seems pretty cool, I want to have her so bad!’

Allison Marchese

Allison Marchese

Allison Marchese


  1. 1 of the victims was UNDER the age of 16. One of the charges was “risk of injury or impairing the morals of a child” Sec 53-21 in CT. One is charged with that when a victim is under 16 years old. There are 2 victims in this case….so far

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