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Willow Smith topless: Should we be concerned?

Willow Smith topless
Why did the unveiling of the above Willow Smith topless picture unnerve so many?

The media world has gone into a feeding frenzy with the release of Willow Smith topless photo on instagram yesterday, yet it ought not have needed to.

Then again Willow Smith has a lot going for her: she’s rich, famous, stunning, very talented and had the world given to her courtesy of her equally talented parents, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, one of Hollywood’s most powerful couples. Enough things to get most people to notice…

Nevertheless the 14 year old did cause heartbeats to skip when she posted a picture of her wearing a topless painted t shirt, presumably because showing her own pert nubile breasts may have been too much for Will and Jada as well as for instagram which is quick to take down accounts which ‘abuse’ its no naked, no NSFW policy.

Which is probably why Willow took to posting the provocative picture in the first place. IfChelsea Handler, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna and other celebrities can do it why can’t a 14 year old with close to 15 000 followers non plussed about plugging and promoting her own brand? 

At 14, Willow Smith has figured out that the display of one part of the human anatomy is prone to make most Americans squeamish, giddy or just plain dizzy because naked breasts infer sexuality, the promise of the un-forbidden  and as a young woman presumably Willow’s own coming to terms with hew own bridling sexuality. Which is to say Willow was probably more intent on seeing what the reaction would be if as a famous perky 14 year old she took to hypothetically showing her own breasts.

And reaction there was.

Contemplated the safeguard of morals and virtue, tabloid rag Celeb Dirty Laundry who couldn’t believe what Willow had just tried to pull off.

‘In what world is it okay for fourteen year old girls to pot[sic] … photos of themselves with fake breasts or nipples?’


’14-year-olds shouldn’t be topless on the internet” is a fine, popular, and law-abiding position, but “Willow Smith shouldn’t express opinions about boobs, and, in fact, probably shouldn’t have boobs at all, and maybe she can use her powers of temporal manipulation to reverse puberty and protect the public from her female body?

Temporal manipulation? Reverse puberty? Protect us from the female body?

Is someone having us on?

Remarked uproxxReally? We’re going to freak out about a graphic T-shirt? This is not controversial. This is the kind of thing that a 14 year old who doesn’t believe that time exists does to make a “profound” statement. Calm down, everyone. She’s being “political,” not sexual. No need to panic.

Please America, can we not tell the difference between real breasts and fake breasts and better still why such the hang up with breasts, even a famous 14 year old’s supposed breasts who is simply feeding into the recent #FreetheNipples controversy and her own blooming sexuality, which any 14 year old should be free to explore any which was they please…

Willow Smith topless