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NSFW: Miley Cyrus nipples can’t resist appearing on instagram (again).

Miley Cyrus nipples
Miley Cyrus is always a preferred hawt bixch

Kids it’s that time of the day where you wipe away the Coco powder, the mascara, the drum beats still ringing in your ear and push aside that debt collector’s outstanding tuition bill (from the last millennium). Why? Cause Miley Cyrus nipples have come calling again and it’t time to do the doozy and run over and gawk your heart out. 

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In keeping with our media darling’s ongoing treatise to titillate us (pun intended) Miley has decided this time round to share with us a new pic of her nipples (new angle of course, which is probably what you were wishing for right?) ever since she’s been on the #FreeTheNipple crusade which saw her bust her breasts out last month, because who can refuse equality for the sexes to bare chests? Over and over and over?

Posting under the hashtag, #NSFW Polaroids in lieu of the upcoming V Magazine release that our collective hero has once again starred in as photographed by Cheyne Thomas, Miley lets out a loud fuckkkkkk yasssssss,’ to remind us how badass and in our faces she still is.

For ever long that is until instagram takes that shit down again…

Isn’t it time you shared Miley’s enthusiasm and supported your invincible right to plaster your body parts all over social media when fancy and rejoice in your gender, equality and of course another public relations coo….

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Miley Cyrus nipples

Miley Cyrus nipples



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