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Pictures: Melody Lippert and Michelle Ghirelli, teachers from same school have sex with students on camping trip

Michelle Ghirelli
Michelle Ghirelli (30) and Melody Lippert (38) are also preferred hawt bixches.

Melody Lippert and Michelle Ghirelli, two Covina, California high school teachers were arrested Saturday night after purportedly sexually engaging students from the high school where they both taught at.

A report via CBS discloses how South Hills High School teacher Melody Lippert, 38, met up with a group of male students at a beach in San Clemente in November of last year.

From there Lippert according to deputies gave the group alcohol and then engaged in a sexual act with one of the students.

Melody Lippert and Michelle Ghirelli now hit with cocaine charges. Plied students for sex

Sean Patrick Kane, South Hills High teacher suspended: ‘Should have kept your stupid mouths shut’

But it gets better, way better…

Afterwards, Lippert reportedly made plans to meet up with the students a second time at the same spot, bringing along another teacher 30-year-old Michelle Ghirelli. 

A student’s wet dream or two malevolent teachers exploiting their position and authority?

Police reports tell that the two teachers met up with several of the same group, spending a night on the beach during which they had sex with two students.

According to CBS, the West Covina Police Department alerted deputies at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Friday with information about the encounters, which had occurred in their jurisdiction.

No further information about the victims or the incident has been released, though authorities noted the encounters were not during events sponsored by the school or district.

Michelle Ghirelli


Michelle Ghirelli

Michelle Ghirelli

Covina-Valley Unified School District spokeswoman Michelle Van Der Linden would today tell both women had been put on paid administrative leave and removed from the classroom as of Sunday.

‘As soon as we found out about this, we contacted the Police Department. We’re taking the matter very, very seriously,’ Van Der Linden said. A voice message from the South Hills High principal was sent to parents at the school Sunday to inform them of the developments, she added.

Lippert has since been charged with conspiracy and contributing to the delinquency of a minor and held on $20,000 bond for while Ghirelli charged with copulation and unlawful sex with a minor and held on $50 000 bail.

Both women are scheduled to appear in court for their arraignments on Wednesday. Interestingly Lippert’s twitter handle has since been yanked off line. Can anyone guess why?

Image below found here

Michelle Ghirelli
Michelle Ghirelli

Melody Lippert

Melody Lippert
Melody Lippert

Melody Lippert

Michelle Ghirelli

Michelle Ghirelli

Michelle Ghirelli


  1. I am a teacher, and I love my students, I do not want that anything wrong happens to them, as if they were my own. It’s imaginable for me as a male teacher to drug or make my students drink alcohol just to have a good time. On the contrary I will protect them.

    The role of the teacher is to instruct not just the academic subjects but mainly to ensure that the adults of tomorrow will grow up a built a better world.

    As an educator I always teach to my students respect towards each other and respect towards authority.

    I am not in a position to judge but Melody and Michelle weren’t that professional in organizing the outing and then having affairs with the students.

    It might sound arousing when heard, but this is reality not a sexual fantasy. When a woman is abused sexually by a man they feel dirty and have psychological problems, what if the same happens to these boys? What if in their adulthood they pretend that females act exactly the way these two educators acted? Will they become abusers themselves?

    I never thought that women could be physical abusers, before reading this news, I always felt guilty being a man because It was always the male to do the abuse, I didn’t want to be a man anymore. Now I acknowledge that females can abuse too.

    After reading this news I encountered tons of other which portrait women as the aggressors, there are many male victims of female molestation who
    as adults say they are traumatized by what happened because they didn’t want it.

    Some victims who say they loved it are damaged in
    other ways like having bad relationships with women or causing them to have a
    negative view of women,the law is there to protect all underage kids because because many of both
    genders get hurt.

    And what did these educators taught about a healthy relationship based on true love?

    I really hope that if they are really guilty they repent of what they did.

  2. Ok Let’s look at where this went wrong first… They are the boys or even young mens teachers… That is the the first line – Now even if the age of consent was say 17 (and I do not know nor do I have the details) they were authority figures in their lives to whom they consciously or subconsciously looked to for guidance and direction. That would mean the sex was a moral wrong doing but not a legal (if the consenting age is 17 blah blah blah).. Now we look at the fact that they provided them alcohol… this is where things get a tad bit different… that would be breaking a law… and then comes into play… did they provide them alcohol to make them more susceptible to being taken advantage of? Is this almost a date rape kind of deal… “They gave use beer… we got drunk and really didn’t know what we were doing…” So lets put to bed the arguing about it there was wrong doing on the teachers part both legally and morally… was it rape? Ehhh maybe…. Was there wrong doing on the students behalf? Well yeah if we are to be placing blame… they really should not have partaken in the consumption of alcohol but they did, as well why were they camping with a teacher and or teachers on a non-school trip? They knew what was going on all the same… so all the blame is not on the teachers but most should be placed there..

  3. Being attractive doesn’t decrease their crime! Attractive or not, they cannot be praised for what they did, Initially males can find it fun and arousing. Who did not had a fantasy about his teacher? However this is not fantasy, this is reality. Why these two educators acted that way? Did they experience true love at least once in their life? Or were they abused in their teens too?

    These two women not only failed to do their duty as educators, they were very unethical and immoral especially having sex with minors. The moral law is much grater than the Constitution. Instead of teaching values and to respect one’s body they used the male students as objects. This is always morally wrong in respectively of age and gender. I do not think that their victims are very proud of what happened to them! They made the male students drink alcohol and had sex against their will. Correct me if I am wrong.

    I am no one to judge but I wanted to do my point since this story touched me particular. May Melody and Michelle repent of what they did and have a new beginning, and to conclude I will quote Jesus’ words ‘Sin no more’.

  4. It’s this simple Mitt, there acting like it’s cool cause they find them attractive, if they were let’s say’s alot less attractive they would be spewing a whole of other comment’s, it’s wrong no matter how you look at it and as a parent of both genders I would be fuming to find out that these two women have history of “flirting” with the student’s and nothing was done about it…Male or Female they are pedophile scum…

  5. By seventeen none of my daughters could be taken in by a 38 year old player, no matter what type of ‘authority’ figure. Because they were taught to NOT respect authority, but to respect ethics and character.

    I’m fine with each case being examined by its merits and on different standards given the different individuals. Seventeen is an age at which young people still don’t seem to grasp consequences, but neither are they children. A seventeen year old can murder with intent. A seventeen year old can be selfish, manipulative, and evil.

    Answer me this, if there is a case to be made for juveniles to be tried as adults, is there not also a case for juvenile consent being considered in other cases?

    Was there an abuse of power and an unethical act occurring between the 38 year old woman and 17 year old boy? Likely. Is it a crime deserving imprisonment and taxpayers supporting the woman in jail? I’m not convinced. Consent matters and how that consent is obtained matters.

  6. I’m pretty sure that most statutory rape cases involving an adult male and underage female are also “consentual”… But you do point out our cultural gender bias towards sex. Sex is always seen as a great thing and a “personal victory” for males, but is often seen as something degrading, embarrassing, and exploitive towards women. It makes no sense, but gender makes all the difference in how we view sex. And then we wonder how things like a “rape culture” could ever come about.

  7. Well MittMoney, the situation is completely different.

    We are not sick. You are trapped in a moral that you strongly believe in but which is not superior to our moral. Whether you’re baked up by constitution or not.

    Those cases of ‘statutory rape’ are not rape. Those guys will only get a hard one when they are a) comfortable and relaxed b) willing to do the deed.

    A 17yo girl harassed by a 38yo man is a completely different story since the man can penetrate the girl without her being able to do anything against it, assuming the man is physically stronger than the girl.

    Those guys have been lucky but when they reported it just for $$$ than that’s a big unethical mistake.

  8. If it were a 38 year old male teacher and a 17 year old girl, would you see it as being consensual sex requiring firing other than prison time?

  9. People like you think statutory rape is a joke. You are flaunting your fake machismo without knowing that statutory rape is a serious crime.

  10. You see nothing wrong with statutory rape? Would you have loved for your 17 year old girl to be “banged” by a 38 year man? You are sick

  11. I see nothing wrong with what they did. The guys liked it I am sure. I would have loved to bang either of them when I was in high school.

  12. Sad that school administration can’t see this happening in their schools. It’s a damn shame & the worst part is that it is ignored and friends of teachers are the staff that continues to get hired. WAKE UP ADMINISTRATION…DO YOUR JOB AND PAY ATTENTION. I hear of things like this going on from that school all of the time by students. I’ve even heard rumors by the way these teachers and others dress. Come on already!

  13. Sad that school administration can’t see this happening in their schools. It’s a damn shame & the worst part is that it is ignored and friends of teachers are the staff that continues to get hired. WAKE UP ADMINISTRATION…DO YOUR JOB AND PAY ATTENTION. I hear of things like this going on from that school all of the time by students. I’ve even heard rumors by the way these teachers and others dress. Come on already!

  14. Won’t be a lawsuit: this will be jail. Teens can’t help but gossip, they do it and most adults understand they do it. Teens have issues with processing consequences, which is something these teachers should have understood. Given the sex was consensual and the reported age of 17 for the male student, I see this as firing not prison. But the taxpayer will instead be subject to expensive litigation of these cases.

    If we had a free market school system, customers would demand the teachers be fired and it would happen. Teachers need to be better than this, but its what you get with ‘goobermint’ run schools.

  15. They taught those little boys the most important lesson of their lifes, and these girls are even beautiful!

    So what idiot would sue them?

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