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Melissa Kay Anderson forced ten year old boy to watch her have sex.

 Melissa Kay Anderson
Why did one woman sexually abuse a child?

Melissa Kay Anderson a 35 year old woman from Tulsa, Oklahoma has pled guilty to sexually abusing a ten year old male relative after she forced the child to use sex toys on her and watch her and her boyfriend have sex.

Pleading no contest to the charges the woman was sentenced last week to five consecutive life sentences whilst her boyfriend, Michael Burris pled not guilty to to one count of child sexual abuse and one count of allowing child sexual abuse.

During the woman’s sentencing, Tulsa City Assistant District Attorney Kevin Gray said: ‘I don’t believe Ms Anderson should breathe fresh air again.’

The woman was arrested in September after the victim told his father about the assault, Tulsa World reported.

She was charged with five counts of child sex abuse, to which she pleaded guilty in November.

The trial revealed Anderson was ‘high on methamphetamine’ during a number of the assaults.

The woman’s defense lawyer, Chuck Sullivan told the court that his client had been abused as a child and said a life sentence would be a second ‘failure of the system’.

Sullivan reiterated that ‘the system had failed Anderson from a young age by not properly addressing and treating abuse she suffered as a child that resulted in her being placed in foster care.’

The defense lawyer maintained that a life sentence would be ‘excessive‘ and akin to failing her a second time by not allowing her to seek rehabilitation.

Asked to make a statement the woman would sob, ‘I’m sorry.’

As psychologically traumatizing as the crime is (and let’s remember the child wasn’t physically abused) one has to wonder what is achieved by issuing this woman 5 consecutive life sentences and if whether such a sentencing  merely serves to reinforce the vicious cycle of crime that led to this moment ….?

According to The Examiner, police said the 10-year-old ‘is a total hero to speak out when he did and to tell his story, and that’s to be commended.’

Burris is being held on a $1 million bond. He will face a jury on May 11.

Michael Burris
Michael Burris