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Why did Maris Gonzalez, Texas teacher sexually abuse a 15yr old student?

Maris Gonzales
Pictured, Maris Gonzales. Why did one school teacher tempt fate?

School teacher Maris Gonzalez, 23 of San Antonia, Texas has been forced to resign from her position at Madison High school following inappropriate texts between her and a 15 year old student December of last year.

Yet it wouldn’t be until last week that felony charges against the teacher would be brought after she admitted to a sexual liaison with the youth after being found in a sexually compromising position with the 15 year old boy.

Gonzalez’s initial ouster from the school late last year came after vigilant parents came across inappropriate texts the woman had sent their 15 year old son along with the pair talking on the phone at all hours of the night.

The texts would lead to the school district immediately conducting an investigation.

Responding to the claims of sexual inappropriateness, North East Independent School District Aubrey Chancellor told KENS that Gonzalez was a French teacher at Madison High School and that ‘allegations were brought forth after inappropriate messages were found on the teen’s phone.’

Reiterated Aubrey Chancellor: ‘A teacher knows there are lines that are not supposed to be crossed, and from looking at the phone records in this particular case, those lines were certainly crossed in a way of lengthy phone conversations in the middle of the night, and text messages, text messages that were not appropriate.’

 Maris Gonzalez
Madison High school at San Antonio, Texas.

Gonzalez initially denied the allegations but would eventually relent after the school district decided to proceed forward with an investigation into her actions despite her telling that there had been no physical relationship between her and the boy.

Prior to be putting on administration leave on December 9, Gonzalez would formally resign from her post. Nevertheless the district still contacted the Texas Education Agency alerting them to the woman’s actions.

It would be six weeks later, last Tuesday night, that Gonzales and the teen were found in the teacher’s car by officers.

Ironically Gonzales would only come to be found out after a police officer responding to a burglar alarm noticed a car nearby with fogged up windows where upon approaching he ‘‘found Gonzalez in the car partially clothed, with the young boy.’

Although initially telling the police officer he was 18, the boy would relent, admitting that he was actually only 15.

After Gonzales’ arrest, the officer said she admitted that she had been having sex with the boy for weeks, but not before she had left her job.

Maris Gonzales has now been charged with a felony of sexual assault of a minor, yet has yet to disclose what prompted her to sexually abuse the minor and why she had been vigilant in her pursuit of the child…?

 Maris Gonzalez



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