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Kendra Sunderland video and photos: Who is she?

Kendra Sunderland video
Kendra Sunderland wants to take on a dare at the campus library. Will you be joining her…?

Kendra Sunderland, a former Oregon State University student has become the talk of the internet since her on school campus illicit video (see below) and pictures have gone viral on the web.

Since her arrest on charges of public indecency after images of her being coy and intimate (to put it lightly) at OSU library made the viral rounds, questions have been asked as to how the former student managed to get away with the feat, why she did it , how it first made it on the web and what’s next now?

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Kendra Sunderland video and photos: So who is she?

Pictures: Kendra Sunderland, former Oregon State student arrested after making video in campus library

What is known during the filming of the 31 minute long video, Sunderland appears to be in constant contact with other ‘voyeurs’ on the web, whom she appears to be communicating with all the while via a laptop in front of her as she is taking off her clothes, giggling and smirking as unsuspecting students can be seen in the background walking past her. Yes kids, Kendra Sunderland has got audacity and then some.

How the ensuing video came to make it on the web is still a mystery. It’s unlikely the student who it’s believed filmed the voyeur journey in the fall of 2014 would have posted it herself. Or did she?

According to the Smoking Gun Sunderland’s public performance was part of a webcam show for ReptCams adult chat site. Photos and videos found online show the model – who uses an alias in her shows – engaged in intimate acts, all of which appear to be in public places.

It’s believed the illicit video first came to the attention of school authorities reports Go Local PDX, after Sunderland was turned in by fellow student, Kaitlyn Yarnell.

Nevertheless Yarnell has denied involvement in the issue to the website. However, according to heavy, Yarnell’s Facebook has been deleted and her Instagram is now private. Coincidence? Or maybe not?

What’s also intriguing Kendra Sunderland’s sudden explosion of new fans, courtesy of her twitter handle @Meowmeows18 (Certified Freak)  is what’s next in store for the former Oregon State University student?

According to social media site Ask.fm, Sunderland said she got into OSU thanks to her ‘good grades‘ and that she took ‘harder classes‘ in high school. Among the classes she took at the school were human sexuality, self and society and psychology. That though doesn’t necessarily explain why the student dropped out of school and what she intends to do now?

A cursory regard of Kendra’s Facebook profile reveals her running two Facebook accounts. On the one with the most recent activity, she does not list herself as a student at the University of Oregon. In the older one, she does. She says she’s a native of Salem, Oregon. In June 2013, she graduated from West Salem High School.

A friend would also describe Sunderland as ‘kind of a party girl.’

In her Ask.fm, Sunderland says she smokes ‘as much [weed] as [she] can.’

Why Sunderland might be running two facebook accounts could be for benign reasons or it could be that the former OSU student might actually also be leading a double life/alias, which may hint at her future aspirations? Then again that might all depend how she fares with her current travails, if convicted, Kendra faces up to a year in jail and a $6,250 fine. A fine that will probably be crowdfunded in 2 and a half minutes…

Kendra Sunderland video

Kendra Sunderland video

Kendra Sunderland video

Kendra Sunderland video

Kendra Sunderland video

Kendra Sunderland video

Kendra Sunderland video

Kendra Sunderland video

Kendra Sunderland video

Kendra SunderlandKendra Sunderland Kendra Sunderland

Kendra Sunderland
Why decline …?


  1. There was a time when prostitutes stayed on the boulevard and didn’t enter universities. Or is it that now university women long to become prostitutes?

  2. so weird…. what has the world cometo? this is college dropout eh? ohh how I love american collage girls so outrageous…. what for? is it even worth the attention? 10 years when this girl looks back on this shit, will it’ve been worth it?

  3. Why would she list herself as a student at the University of Oregon if she was attending Oregon State University?

  4. This seems to be pretty popular lately. Cam girls doing the ‘naughty’ in public places like coffee shops, libraries, McDonalds, etc. I’ve seen tons of videos like this on pornhub, http://theporndude.com/, xhamster,… before and actually thought it was fake.

    Apparently this 19 (ex)student did it, so she could manage her bills and she’s most likely the first one to get busted for it. (or got viral)

    Can she do that? Sure, but it would have been a lot more appropriate, if she did it in her dorm or a private space. She knew the risk and what would happen if she got busted. She was just blinded by the money.

    She can pretty much forget her academic career and focus on her porn job full time now.

    Awesome hooters on that girl though 😀

  5. If you are the real Kendra, I have pity on you with all that archaic laws of Oregon.. Perhaps those politicians of Oregon State should go for enlightenment training!!!

  6. if you google Kaitlyn Yarnell it directs you to her twitter account,Kait_nicole21 she remade her ig and is also following meowmeow18 a.k.a kendra sunderland. she retweeted a tweet about osu library being the #1 porn library but other than that,there is no reference to kendra at all,or if there as,it was deleted.

  7. Nice video. Very beautiful woman with great boobs and vagina. Who was she communicating with on her computer?

  8. amazing bod on this bitch. love it when whores reveal themselves to the world. let’s see her in some boy-girl and girl-girl scenes next!

  9. What she did was not porn. In best terms it can be described as voyeurism and nothing else. Voyeurism does equate to pornography.

    There was no man or sexual toys physically involved in her actions to deem it to be pornography.

    Then again, perhaps there should be better supervision at the said library.

  10. Marlon Perkins spent his whole career lurking
    in the bushes to get a wild cat like that on film
    for Mutual of Omaha…

  11. This site is disgraceful, RIP privacy. She wasn’t at a high school or anything with children so this shouldn’t be as bad as it has gotten. While the publicity is good for her adult career; it attacks her personal life. I’ve seen the video and holy shit it is boring. She flashes her tits, so what? She moons us.. So what? She rubbed her vagina for literally less than 15 seconds… There are a ton of other videos out there of women shoving 12 inch dildos and squirting in a library. I would like to know why this one was made a big deal. Fuck OSU.

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