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Brandi Edwards, social worker for troubled teens has sex with 16 year old student

Brandi Edwards
What was Brandi Edwards thinking?

Brandi Edwards, a 26 year old master’s degree student working as a trainee social school at a school for troubled teens in Chicago has been charged with criminal sexual assault after having sex with a 16 year old student.

During her appearance in court on Saturday the woman admitted she had a sexual relationship with the sophomore student at RISE Alternative High School starting in November.

According to a report via the Chicago Tribune the relationship began when Edwards wrote her phone number on the boy’s journal.

Soon after, in November, Edwards allegedly picked the boy up and had sex with him in her car outside his home.

Before the meeting, prosecutors say the two exchanged sexual text messages. 

Edwards and the boy would have sex a second time in her car and then a third time at a forest preserve.

They had sex a final time at a hotel room, say investigators.

Told the woman’s linkedln profile: ‘I am an emerging social worker and I know that I will need to change what habits I am in order to best assess my client’s needs,’

‘I will also know that there will be times when I have to step back and separate personal from professional because I have such a big heart that I will not want my personal persona to interfere with my client in any way.’

Reflected Cook County Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr. during yesterday’s court hearing: Some days, I’m baffled.’

Judge Bourgeois ordered Edwards to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet and to stay in her Homer Glen home.

‘You better not set foot outside that house,’ the judge said.

Edwards’ police report would also indicate she was also employed as a substitute teacher at a Naperville school. Edwards’ attorney, however, would tell the judge she was no longer employed. No reason was offered as to why she was no longer employed.

Edwards was also ordered not to have any contact with the boy via social media and has since had bail set at $250 000.

Brandi Edwards

Brandi Edwards


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